Lakers earns another nail to soothe Magic Johnson

Magic Johnson will probably not chew again Los Angeles Lakers coach Luc Wallon.

Definitely not before next week.

The Lakers broke a game of 16 games against the Portland Trail Blazers wins 114-110 on Saturday night at the Moda Center in Portland, but only after a 20-point lead in the fourth quarter he won five.

The end of the lost series, dating back to 2014, took place three days after the word leaked that Johnson, chairman of the business for the Lakers, broke Walton for the slow start of the team.

Although Portland fell back in the fourth quarter, the overall performance of the Lakers to soothe Johnson, who issued his dissatisfaction on Tuesday during a meeting with Walton at Johnson's office, according to ESPN and Los Angeles Times.

At that time, the Lakers were 2-5. He is now 4-5 and still gives Lakers fans heartburns with late-game racing.

On Saturday night, LeBron James had 28 points, seven assists, five rebounds and several clutch games in the final minutes, and before the game he raised questions about Johnson's hot meeting with Walton.

"It does not bother me at all because I do not care, I do not listen to it," James told reporters after Lakers' morning shootout. "It never really comes to me, that's not a big deal for us.

"We have to figure out how we can bring together some great games or even good games and make our victory from where we are now. Be as good as we can and be baseball."

Lakers took a step forward but on Saturday night, as James helped the Lakers to withstand a late charge from Portland (6-3).


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"It was not beautiful, but we got the W," said Rajon Rondo on Spectrum SportsNet after activating the Lakers with 17 points, 10 rebounds and six assists from the bench. "Give us the credit, we got a 20 point lead and we found a way to win."

In their previous game, the Lakers dug 19 seconds in the second half ahead of Dallas Mavernic before remaining for a 114-113 win on Wednesday.

With James on the bench in the third quarter, the Lakers went 16-0 and led 88-73 in the third quarter. James was excited about his teammates, as the Lakers' lead went up to 20 points in the early fourth.

Walton said the younger players and veterans contributed to the team's fourth year games, but told reporters that the victory was a breakthrough for the Lakers.

"This shows that what we are doing is working," he said. "It's hard to win in Portland when they do not have a good team. When they have the team they have now, it's even harder."

Building a lead, holding it or winning it in any way Sunday night at the Staples Center would probably hold Walton from Johnson's office for any subsequent talks. The Lakers will host Toronto Raptor's protagonists (8-1).

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