Lalique and Fromental collaborate on "Hirondelles"

I do not often refer to new product collections or launches as brands communicate very well and I do not like to repeat existing ones on the internet, but this collaboration between these super brands has made me very excited. So much, that I have sent the pictures I made to the preview of the press on many of my VIP contacts telling them to take a look.

Hirondelles is a classic chinoiserie style designed by the main wallpaper designers Fromental. We are very careful to leave room for the best crystal manufacturers, Lalique, to add the magnetic Hirondelles (swallows) and dahlias to the design. Together, the design strikes the wall and surprises you with the most beautiful reflection of light from the silk paper and the pieces of crystal.

At this level of design, it's always about detail, and finding hand painting and embroidery poses this design separately. The smart use of magnets in swallows means that this design is also interactive. Obviously it has to be installed on a magnetic surface, but you can move the swallows around, and this is very special and unique.

Both residences are experts in their field and if you are lucky enough to land with this design on your wall, you really experience something new and innovative.