Let's connect and build a stronger interior design community

Building a stronger and better connected interior design community is one of the main drivers of what I and my businesses are ready to do. I have always believed that together we are able to support and work through the challenges so much better than doing it ourselves. Perhaps this is due to growing up in South Africa during such turmoil, where Nelson Mandela taught us that working together means we share weight, anxiety and stressy and we are able to solve problems.

The interior design sector is almost entirely comprised of small businesses, with various newspapers, television and news reports reporting that small businesses and small business owners are likely to be more affected. I want to help where I can and for those of you who are not yet on our Facebook team, you should join us now. There are hundreds of in-house designers and suppliers in the team who help each other with different challenges every day.

There are significant challenges we face as business owners we have never seen before, and as a small business owner I understand how difficult it can be to make big decisions for yourself. So again, I would like to offer this team support and I want the team members to get up and help each other. These are the highlights of our field, but together we can achieve it.

I asked the team members to share what they found for you. We've had some really innovative suggestions and I've heard from some designers who are thinking very fast about how they can keep running their businesses online.

Also share the challenges you face, some of us in the group may be facing the same problem or have found a way to solve it.

Finally, turn off negative media and refocus your mind on opportunity. The way we did business before changed, your business needs to change, you need to change. But remember that we are here to help.

Join the Facebook group.