Mayfair's Design District's private tourism magazine

Last week, during the London Design Festival, I had the great opportunity to host the private tour of the Mayfair Design District. This exclusive event of Westgreen Construction and Mayfair Design District was a rare look at some of Mayfair's leading design galleries.

We had a small group of 23 people and each gallery was on hand to walk us through their latest collections and presentations. Most of them were in full preparation for PAD London, so we also saw some previews.

Credit Image: Mayfair Design Area

I was particularly pleased with the variety of people we had in the group, from interior designers, architects, inspectors and developers. Thus, the conversation around the lunch table ran the whole range of works from conception through construction and design. Westbury Mayfair invited us to experience Michelin's private kitchen with Alyn Williams. I left the table for lunch at about 5pm, while there were 12 more people at the table. A real sign that the day was an absolute success.

James Malcolm Green, founder of the Mayfair Design District, did a really incredible job. Mayfair has the highest concentration of modern and collectible design galleries in any city and the placement of a community around it should have been a great challenge. I am a huge promoter and fan of this planning region and I can not wait to see what James was planning next.

I've shared a summary of our tour below so you can also get an afternoon and explore this very special design area.

The Stuff theme

Spilled away – Sketch

Image Certification: Domestic style hunter

The design of the Matter of Stuff research gallery returns to the virtual sketch of the London Hall in September, with a new exhibition for the London Design Festival 2018 – Blown Away. Six international designers will present a series of innovative handmade glass works and moves, including a new chandelier from the main Simone Crestani hammer glass in borosilicate glass. For the first time in London, Wonderglass will present the chandelier Echo – a sculpture never seen before the illuminated sculpture of Studiopluz.

Achille Salvagni Atelier

Sahara – Achilles Salvagni Atelier

Credit Score: Achille Salvagni Atelier

The carefully selected Salvagni Pavilion is designed as a tribute to the eclectic style of Marie Laure de Noailles in all kinds and cultures. Here the designer sets the scene with a full palette of natural earth tones and textures reminiscent of the African Sahara – the backdrop of an inspired mix of design and contemporary art, set by racial objects. The screen is placed in dialogue with the exhibition held simultaneously at Achille Salvagni Atelier in Mayfair.

Woodworking Workshop Gallery

Vincenzo de Cotiis (En Plein Air) – Woodworking Workshop Gallery

Image Certification: Gallery Carpenters Workshop Gallery

An individual exhibition of works by the Italian architect and designer Vincenzo de Cotiis. En Plein Air – French for Outdoors & # 39; – relates to the movement in the history of art when the artists left the studio in the late 19th century to paint outdoors. Therefore, the collection refers both to the history of painting and to nature, to a slim and sophisticated creative blend.

O & A – Gazela Art House

Image Credit C & A London

The O & A London brand was created by talented twins by architect Oleg Klodt and designer Anna Agapova. The design team created a collection of furniture that completely transforms the idea of ​​the role that furniture plays in the interior. Oleg and Anna are hoping to reveal to the world the miracles that are more precious, more beautiful and more eternal than life itself.

FUMI Gallery

Now & Then – Gallery FUMI

Image Certification: Domestic style hunter

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, Gallery FUMI is proud to present a special "Now & Then" exhibition, which records the gallery's track schedule since its opening in 2008. A celebration of the artists and designers of the gallery, the selection of key tracks created over the past 10 years, along with new, never-before-seen projects, specifically commissioned for the show.

Gallery kreo

Konstantinos Gracik (Gallery) – Gallery kreo

Image Certification: Gallery kreo

This is the third collection compiled by Konstantin Grcic for Galerie kreo. VOLUMES is an experiment to remove and one that is quite different from other collections created by Grcic. Removing VOLUMES is therefore an interesting turn away from the brain and towards the instinct – in the direction of creating objects of uncertain use.

18 Davies Street

Examples of Handicraft – 18 Davies Street Gallery

Picture Coverage: 18 Davies Street

Davies Street Gallery will present works by innovative designers whose bold and experimental approach to their material serves as a foundation for specialized craftsmanship and contemporary expression. Designers and craftsmen will include Arne Jacobson, Harumi Klossowska de Rola, Julian Mayor and Hans Wegner.

Gallery Patrick Seguin

Jean Royer – Patrick Seguin Gallery

Credit Image: Gallery Patrick Seguin

Jean Royère was a pioneering figure in French design in the mid-twentieth century. He is constantly pursuing his career as a furniture designer and decorator until he retired in 1972. In a rapidly changing world, Royère grasps and refines the techniques he has accumulated and perfectly practiced in an aesthetic that was clear to his age .