Mayor of Utah, a 7-year-old father, was identified as a member of the US service killed in the "confiscation of intelligence" in Afghanistan

A former Mayor from Utah, who has served in the state's national garrison since 2013, was recognized Saturday as a US official killed in a "confidential information attack" in Afghanistan earlier in the day, according to reports.

Brent Taylor, a married father of seven children who settled in Afghanistan in January, was a former mayor of North Ogden, a town of about 17,000 people located about 46 miles north of Salt Lake City. Taylor resigned from the mayor's office before going abroad, the Ogden president said.

Taylor's death was confirmed by northern Ogden City Councilor Phil Swanson, who spoke with FOX 13 Salt Lake City. Swannon described Taylor as a "unique" person.

US Senator Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, in a Twitter message, described Taylor's death as "disastrous" news.

"Brent was a hero, a patriot, a wonderful father and a dear friend," Senator Had wrote. "The news of his death in Afghanistan is catastrophic, and my prayers and love are with Jennie and his 7 young children, and we will always remember his service."

US Senator Mike Lee, R-Utah, wrote to Facebook that Taylor was "the definition of the term" civil servant. "

"In the next few days," Senator Lee writes, "Utahns who have never had the privilege of meeting Brent will learn what kind of people the North Ogden and the Taylor family have lost and will join them to mourn their tragic loss" .

Guy Hormate and General Jefferson S. Burton of the Utah National Guard plan to talk to reporters Sunday afternoon at the headquarters of the State Guard, according to FOX 13.

In a statement Saturday, Herbert called Taylor to be a "brave and unselfish soldier," the Salt Lake Tribune said.

"All of Herbert's family mourns with the soldier's family and prays that his burdens can be lifted and that the hearts of all Utahns will come to relieve them with their sorrow," the governor added.

"My heart breaks for the loss and sacrifice of our soldier, especially for the family," Burton said in a statement, according to the Tribune. "I wish them all the comfort and courage to face the difficult days ahead."

In a Facebook posting in January, shortly after his spread, Taylor describes what he serves as mayor and as Guardsmen he meant to him.

"My job as mayor of the city of North Ogden was one of the greatest values ​​of my life and the main point of my professional career," writes Taylor. "The service is really what the leadership is."

"My job as mayor of the city of North Ogden has been one of the greatest prizes in my life and the focus of my professional career. Serving is really what leadership is all about."

– Brent Taylor, on the Facebook post

The assault in which Taylor was killed has happened in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. Taylor was the 8th American to be killed in action this year.

Saturday's attack was the fifth "attack on the interior" in the last four months against the US forces.

Initial reports indicate that the attacker was a member of the National Defense and Security Forces of Afghanistan and that he was immediately killed by other Afghan forces.

Another member of the US service was injured in the attack. The injured member of the service was undergoing medical treatment and was in a steady state. The incident is being investigated.

Taylor survives by his wife, Jennie, and seven children, according to the Tribune.

A GoFundMe page for the Taylor family has been created. Late Saturday, he had reached over $ 19,000 to a $ 250,000 target.

Fox News "Chris Irvine and Lucas Tomlinson contributed to this report.