Mayor of Utah Brad Taylor killed while serving in Afghanistan

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With Daniella Silva and Alex Johnson

The mayor of a Utah city serving in Afghanistan was killed and another member of the service was injured in a prominent "attack of confidential information," officials said on Sunday.

Mayor of North Ogden, Brent Taylor, 39, a senior in the Utah National Guard, was killed on Saturday while serving with his unit in Kabul, which helps train Afghan defense forces. The Utah National Guard said Taylor appeared to have been shot by a member of the National Defense and Security of Afghanistan, who was then shot and killed by other Afghan forces.

IMAGE: Brent Taylor
An undisclosed photo of Brent Taylor patrolling on foot while training Afghan border police in Afghanistan.North Ogden City

The incident was the second similar attack in less than two weeks, after an Afghan commander killed one person and injured two other people on October 22nd.

Taylor leaves behind a woman and seven children aged 11 months to 13 years. A GoFundMe page created to support her family had reached nearly 80 percent of her target for $ 250,000 by Sunday night.

General Jeff Burton, general manager of Utah, said Taylor, 39, was a "man of excellent quality," and a "terrific man" killed while serving his fourth development. He served in Iraq in 2006 again in 2007 and was awarded a bronze star medal for highly reputable services and was sent to Afghanistan in 2012 again this year.

Burton described Taylor's death as "betrayal," saying at a news conference that the region is still considered a battleground where the Taliban remain active.

"He is bitter, he was with the people who helped the coaching," said Burton. "This is what is, ultimately, painful about it."

IMAGE: Brent Taylor
Brent Taylor, mayor of North Ogden, Utah.North Ogden City

Guy Herbert called Taylor to be a "big mayor of North Ogden," a town of about 19,000 people, about 40 miles north of Salt Lake City.

"Brent Taylor was the personification of the love of God, family and country," he said.

Utah Compulsory Address Spencer Cox said on Twitter on Saturday that he was "fighting for words" after learning about Taylor's death.

"I love Mayor Taylor, his splendid wife Jennie and his seven sweet children. Utah steals them today, "he wrote. "This war costs us once again the best blood of a generation."

Senator Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, said in a statement that Taylor was a "dear friend" whose "service we will always remember."

Taylor became mayor of North Ogden in 2013 after serving in the City Council. In January, he announced to Facebook that he started an annual settlement in Afghanistan, as part of an advisory group training the staff of an Afghan commandos.

"My tenure as mayor of the city of North Ogden was one of the greatest values ​​of my life and the main point of my professional career," he said. "The service is what the leadership is."

"There are three great beliefs that have been guided in my life and in everything, in him, God, family and country," he added.