Mayor of Utah urged "American" Americans to vote before he was killed in Afghanistan

Mayor of Utah Brent Taylor, a grand at the Utah National Guard, urged "United" Americans in a moving position on Facebook to vote a few days before he was killed in an internal assault on Afghanistan.

The emotional appeal came when Taylor saw the people of Afghanistan risking their lives to vote.

The "beautiful" turnout of 4 million voters who fought for "threats and deadly attacks" was "a success for the long-standing peoples of Afghanistan and the cause of human freedom," wrote Taylor, the mayor of the small town of North Ogden with a population of 17,000 resident. He became mayor of the city, located an hour north of Salt Lake City in 2013.

"As the US is ready to vote in our own elections next week, I hope everyone back home enjoys their precious right to vote, and if the Republicans or the Democrats win, we all remember that we have a lot more Americans who unite us by dividing us, "he wrote in his last post.

Taylor, father of seven small children, also published photos of people who vote in Afghanistan. He finished his position: "We stand standing, we divide we fall."

Taylor, who was in Afghanistan and serves with the Utah National Guard, planned to continue his duties as mayor when he returned to his home country. It was installed in January for what it was like to be a 12-month tour. He had already completed two excursions to Iraq, and a previous one in Afghanistan, The Salt Lake Tribune reported. He is working on his current tour as a combat advisor to the Afghan border police, according to the Army Times.

Taylor was killed on November 3 in Kabul with a seemingly introverted assault that also injured another member of the service, according to the Department of Defense, the Associated Press reported. The attacker was immediately killed by Afghan forces.

Initial reports reported that the attacker was a member of the National Defense and Security Force of Afghanistan, the Army Times reported.

Taylor has posted his Facebook message on October 28th.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story mistaken the location of Brent Taylor's facilities. He served in Iraq and Afghanistan.