Michigan dominates exclusively after the first quarter

ANN ARBOR – If you are going to get this Michigan football team, you better get them early.

Penn State became the last Michigan team to be buried after a non-homogeneous start. The Wolverines led 7-0 after the first quarter and 14-0 in the half, then scored four straight touchdowns in the second half to cruise at a 42-7 win Saturday.

Here is the breakdown of quarterly scores for Michigan and his opponents through nine games (the Michigan teams are listed first):

First: 51-31

Second: 112-28

Third: 76-19

Fourth: 91-44

Michigan did not manage to overtake his opponent in 10 quarters this season and six times was the first quarter of the game. But Michigan generally belonged to the second quarter and second half. The second half of U-M is 104 points.

Karen Higdon said after Penn State's game that he definitely feels that Michigan wore his opponents.

"It's a four-quart game," said Higdon. "We talked about all of the offseason, making sure we play all four quarters at a high level. We've done that and many teams can not play all fours.

Michigan is 8-1, with his only loss coming in the Notre Dame season, where the Fighting Race jumped to the lead of the first quarter by 14-0.

The football program brought a new power and preparation coach, Ben Herbert, last season and the players talked about feeling stronger – later on in games and later in the season – than they did in the past.

Defender final Chase Winovich explained that the defense felt on Saturday against Penn State. "At Notre Dame we took a quarter to get to where the defense felt confident, the defense felt confident after the first series (Saturday). These were the talks we had and the results showed. the first row because I felt very confident about how our defense was with regard to their matchups in the things I saw. "

Michigan's very aggressive line deserves faith. Wolverines can run the ball consistently and stay on the court. A dominant defense is another important factor. Penn State had 12 aggressive occupations on Saturday. Five resulted in a three-and-out, and in three other albums, Michigan forced a turnover for the first or second play. On Saturday, Michigan was ranked seventh in the country with possession per game. Four of the teams above the Wolverines run the triple choice offense which of course eats a lot of clock.

The Michigan players talked about the desire to score the Penn State in response to last year's loss in Happy Valley. But the desire to do something and the ability to do this is two different things.

The Wolverines led 14-0 when they took the ball in the middle of the third quarter on their 10-yard line. The subsequent visit of Michigan to the 13-minute, 90-yard, seven-minute, game ended in Penn State's hope for a return.

"We talked about it before the move," said Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh. "We really felt that we could build this car there, it would go too far to win the ball game."

Michigan took care to do it by rating the next three touchdowns as well. For the most part this season, even the opponents that can be hung up early are not within a distance of voice until the end.