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15 minutes to close polls in Florida, Georgia, Virginia


It's not like Beto O'Rourke needs a helping hand from celebrities in an attempt to hit Ted Cruz from her American headquarters in Texas. After all, Beto O'Rourke is absolutely the superstar.

But then, who would protest Beyonce by their side? The singer arrived just a few hours before the polls are about to close in Texas, putting a photo on her Instagram feeder, wearing a Beto cap for the Senate.

"Every vote counts, Every race matters, Everywhere," he wrote.

The polls gave Cruz a small but significant lead over O'Rourke in recent days, although the gap has shaken. O'Rourke himself wants to point out he hates opinion polls and has deliberately avoided engaging in any referendum in his campaign.

So the MPs are doomed. With less than three hours to go before the polls in Texas near, there is still to play. And perhaps Beyonce is the one who will swing it.

A judge in Harris County has ruled that nine constituencies in Houston they must remain open one hour longer than usual until 8 pm because there were delays in the elections to be able to vote this morning through technical issues or slow opening. Two groups – Texas Civil Rights and the Texas Organizing Project – had filed a lawsuit earlier Tuesday.

The head of the election of the third largest county in the United States is the Harris County secretary, Stan Stanart. The Republican, who seeks re-election, attracted titles in the accumulation of elections, because on his campaign website, a picture of the charity charity, George Soros, appeared above the words: "Giorgos Soros comes …, Giorgos Soros wants to check the Harris County election and Stan Stanart is on his way. "

Stanford denies that the position of conspiracy theory was anti-Semitic, but after criticizing the massacre of the Pittsburgh life tree, he changed the references to Soros to "Democratic Sterling Socialists."

Here a snapshot of a match from the second area of ​​Nebraska, which contains the city of Omaha, which in turn hosts the share of Russian citizens by the Democrats:

Kara Eastman is Nebraska nice – an amazing gentleman in the current drama entitled The Democratic Civil War.

A social worker and founder of a non-profit healthcare organization for children, Eastman had run only for the local school board before jumping to the Democratic leading competition for a seat in Omaha.

He ran as the progressive challenger to a middle-class compatriot Bradford Asford, who had the advantage of raising funds and institutional support. Against what seemed like all odds – he won. It was an amazing disruption and a coup for progressive.

He is now facing a worrying struggle to disable Democratic compatriot Don Bacon. Eastman runs on a Bernie Sanders-type platform that includes Medicare for everyone and has highlighted her mother's battle with cancer. Her team says she is running an old-fashioned campaign: she hits the sidewalk and comes out of the poll. They are moving away from every suggestion that her policy is not in step with Nebrasky in this region.

If he leaves a victory tonight, progressive will shout from the rooftops that economic populism can win in the country of Trumbas. But if they lose, the moderates will use its race as a warning about what happens when Democrats act as economic populists in democratic regions.

The first polls are closed