Mobisummer, a subsidiary of Titanium Technology, unveiled GMIC with a business intelligence platform

On April 26-28, 2018, the GMIC conference with the theme “AI” will be held at the Beijing National Convention Center. As an international communication platform for leading global innovators, this year is the ten-year node of GMIC, and the decade from the birth of mobile Internet to the change of people’s lives. Mobisummer was invited to attend this event and will discuss the trends of business intelligence in mobile marketing with the industry professionals participating in the conference.

Titanium Technology Mobisummer unveiled GMIC with business intelligence platform

The Mobisummer business started in 2015. After the establishment of the business, the business grew rapidly, completing business integration and establishing technology in mid-2017. Architecture, focusing on Internet internationalization. There are more than 100 existing teams, and more than half are product technicians.

At this GMIC conference, Titanium Technology will bring together two top business brands and participants from the Mobisummer advertising platform and the UniAgency agency platform to discuss advanced technologies and cutting-edge concepts in mobile marketing.

Mobisummer advertising platform is dedicated to serving advertisers. We provide one-stop advertising platform and solutions for domestic and foreign advertisers, and also provide efficient mobile platform for mobile developers.

Mobiummer with Titanium Technology Smart platform unveiled at GMIC

The UniAgency agent platform serves as the top agent for many large media platforms at home and abroad such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and Topbuzz, providing advertisers with account opening, delivery, One-stop service such as design.