Moorgate Apartments review

Moorgate offers 27 suites and apartments that are designed to feel like a hotel, but with a room of an apartment. The hotel is located in the city, near Moorgate, and is ideally located for business travelers. The key to understanding this place is twice, a private spacious apartment with an emphasis on design.

I stayed a night at The Moorgate to get a feel for the offer. The architecture of the interior was so smart, multiple abandoned and degraded mansions built in the 1780s and 1830s combined with the greatest challenge of leveling the floors between buildings. The many award-winning architects Lifschutz Davidson Sandilands (LDS Architects) designed and built their place. The LDS retained the original facade of stucco designed by Robert Smirke in the 1830s to ensure the continued character of Moorgate Street and the restoration of historic features.

The Mongora

You may have heard the term apart hotel before and you are not sure what this meant, but this new sub-sector in the hospitality industry is booming. Especially in the business sector. Separate hotels are a mix of a hotel and apartments. As a frequent professional traveler, I have contradictory reactions to both types of accommodation. The formality or lack of a hotel is not always what I want when I'm in business and the lack of comfort and service available in an apartment that is served does not do that much either for me. JLL has published a great article explaining how serviced apartments are coordinated to modern travelers' needs.

The interiors were so great to explore, over the light full of reception space is a beautifully designed sculpture staircase that takes guests to their suites. At each turn, you get a different view of adjacent buildings, from modern office towers to historic guildhalls, is a real treat that finds your way to your room.

The Mongora

The illumination from Flos illuminates the crossings as you pass through the area with incredible details that make it feel great, as is the case in your home.

The MongoraEach apartment is well designed with well-known names like Gubi and the wonderful touch of redhead that we all love at the moment. I stayed for one night and really enjoyed my stay, it was so comfortable and I loved trying to guess the brand and then jump to google to see if I was right. All of these visits to design presentations have yielded and I said it all right, but it is great to see a hotel that is so in touch with contemporary design.

For more information, visit The Moorgate.