Murali Vijay reveals how he changed his fortunes for Essex

Murali Vijay regained his form by playing for Essex after he left the Indian testing team, but the open man insisted that neither he had swung his technique during County County nor played there to recover the position.

The Tamil Nadu opener suffered a bad course in England, making 20, 6, 0 and 0 in the first two tests and dropped. He then enrolled for Essex and scored a ton and three half-centuries. "There was no adjustment, it was a great experience because it was not easy." "I would like to thank Essex for having given me and given me the opportunity to play the way I wanted to have, we had critical three races and really pushed me, I could step up and contribute, that's it I was happy to gain some experience there, he said.

"I never went to the county to go back to the Indian team, I felt it was important to win a few runs and play good cricket so I could do something that gave me that piece of luck back to side," said Vijay after Tanil Nadu's opener for Tanya Radji against Madhya Pradesh at Dindigul.Vijay said the Indian team administration has done well by organizing several practice games in front of the Australian tour where the team is scheduled to play a four- Test from December 6th.

Before that, India will play a series of three Twenty Twenty Twenty Games, starting at 21st November in Brisbane. "For me it's a mental game, it's never been a matter of my ability, this time we've planned quite well, a bit early and we'll go some practical games in Australia before we play the first test match that will be ideal for us. our boys can laugh as a team and put their best foot forward, Vijay, who scored 482 runs an average of 60.25 on the last tour of India to Australia in 2014-15.

Vijay, who will be joining India's Away team, who leaves New Zealand later this week, said the conditions would be different from Down Under, it was to get some racing practice and some runs under his belt. Vijay said he is ready to face the challenge of Prime Minister Nathan Lyon of Australia during the upcoming series.

"You can not allow a Lyon footballer to settle in his pace." They both had a good competition in the last time we played, and it would be great to repeat it once again and push him, said the Tester, who underwent surgery in April this year to heal the wound injury, said she had to change the training methods: "At that point I could not beat the way I wanted and had to change the preparation Also, I wanted to be fresh for a game, it gave me a lot of understanding of my game at that time, and now that I'm totally okay, I feel it still makes sense to save your energy, it drowned just before the game he did not help me, "he said.