Mushroom mushroom winter health mystery

1. Mushroom: Enhance immunity

People with low immunity are prone to catch cold in winter. By strengthening the body’s righteousness, it will not be easily attacked by the virus, and the mushroom will have the effect of strengthening the righteousness. Modern medical research has also shown that the polysaccharides contained in mushrooms can improve the body’s immune function. Mushrooms are often eaten in winter and are not susceptible to colds.

2. Bamboo : Runfei and Cough

The bamboo carp is rich in nutrients, rich in flavor and delicious in taste. It is listed as one of the “Grass Bazhen”. Long-term cough of lung deficiency can be alleviated by eating bamboo scorpion, where chronic cough is a chronic cough, not a cough caused by a cold.

mystery winter health mystery

3. Hericium erinaceus: nourishing and nourishing stomach

The king of the mushroom, has the effect of lowering gastric acid and protecting the gastric mucosa by lowering gastric acid. Hericium erinaceus has a good alleviation effect on gastric ulcer, chronic gastritis and high stomach acid.

4. Tremella: beauty and beauty

Tremella is good for the intestines and has a spleen appetite. Ziyin Runfei. The role of beauty and beauty. Enhancing human immunity is a good product for the four seasons. Tremella is rich in natural gum, polysaccharide, long-term consumption can play a emollient. Remove the role of chloasma on the face. Freckles.

5. Fungus: blood and beauty

Black fungus has nourishing. Run dry. Nourishing blood and stomach. Run lung function. Black fungus contains high iron, qi and nourish blood, and makes people look ruddy.

6. Flammulina velutipes: growth intelligence

Flammulina velutipes is rich in dietary fiber, which increases satiety and makes the stool loose. It becomes softer. The amount of stool increases, directly stimulates intestinal peristalsis and accelerates feces. excretion. It can relieve constipation and promote the growth of probiotics.