"My father showed me the right way": Virat Kohli

Team India captain Virat Kohli claimed that his father had shown him the right way and made him understand the importance of hard work and effort.

Kohli's comments came during the Instagram Live video shoot with Indian football team leader Sunil Chhetri, where both athletes spoke on various topics.

Speaking to Chhetri, Kohli said he spoke of the incident when he was not selected for Delhi's team and his father refused to offer any bribes for his son's choice.

"In Delhi, sometimes things go wrong. There was a case where someone didn't play by the rules when it came to selection criteria. He told my father that while I had the value to choose, a little extra (probably bribery) was needed to I confirm my choice, "Kohli told Chhetri during the meeting.

"My middle-class father, who worked hard all his life to become a successful lawyer, didn't even understand what he meant. My father just said – If you want to choose Virat, then let it go. You are purely qualified. I will not give you anything extra, "he added.

"I was not chosen. I shouted a lot. I broke. But this incident taught me a lot. I realized that I had to be great to be successful and that I had to achieve that clearly through my own effort and hard work. "My father showed me the right way, through action and not just words," Kohli said.

As the eruption of the corona has stopped all sports activities, the players exercise social distancing and isolation during the pandemic.

The World Health Organization (WHO) and surrounding governments are urging people to stay home.

Kohli was also asked by Chhetri what innings he would like to play again in the past.

"Desert Storm, Tendulkar's 140+ semi-final against Australia in Sharjah in 1998," said Kohli.