My favorite sandals for the summer of 2019 • Blonde on the outside

Favorite sandals 2019 kiki

Hello summer!

I start the warm weather of the time with the recovery of Europe. You can find me relaxing on a beach in Greece or flying in the waters near the coast of Amalfi in Italy.

Now, when I'm preparing for a summer vacation, I want everything to be easy … and I guess you too. Well, to help you get into ASAP holidays, I have chosen all the sweet sandals so that you can achieve this impeccable summer style! (Someone had to do the hard work, right?)

From the slides to the espadrilles to wrap the ankle designs, I am all for comfort while still looking stylish. Lay a bikini under a feather and polish the outfit with any of these sandals and think well!

Here are the most chicest travel sandals for this summer!

A few years ago I found a pair of black sandals in a market (of course while I was traveling). I bought them with a whim and became my ice cream FOREVER.

I loved them so much that I almost wore the sole, so when I worked with Cocobelle to design a sandal, I had inspiration for my sandals that I loved – I bought my trip on the market.

Kiki Sandal is made to hold with high quality leather handmade by Cocobelle in Italy.

What are your favorite sandals and styles for this summer? Let me know in the comments!