Mystery inside the porridge

Look at the fast food restaurant’s eight-treasure porridge, lotus leaf porridge, lotus seed porridge, black rice porridge, pumpkin porridge sold very well, porridge formula display

The mystery of porridge

The mystery of porridge

1, soak: Before porridge, soak the rice in cold water for half an hour to allow the rice to swell.

The benefits of doing this: a, pick up porridge to save time; b, will turn in one direction when stirring; c, porridge crisp, good taste.

2, open the pot: everyone’s general consensus is cold water porridge, and the real expert hands are boiled porridge with boiling water, why? Have you ever had the experience of cold water porridge? This is not the case with boiling water, and it saves time compared to cold water porridge.

3. Heat: first boil it with a big fire, then turn it to a small fire and cook for about 30 minutes. Don’t underestimate the size of the fire, the scent of the porridge comes out!

4, Stirring: It turns out that the reason why we cook porridge or stir is to avoid the porridge, but now there is no worry about cold water porridge, why should we stir it? ? In order to “thick out”, the rice is full and the grains are thick. The skill of mixing is: stir a few times when you open the water pot, cover the lid to the simmer for 20 minutes, start to stir constantly, last for about 10 minutes, until the crisp is thick.

5, point oil: do you need to put oil on the porridge? Yes, after changing the porridge to about 10 minutes, you will order a little salad oil. You will find that not only the finished porridge has bright color, but also the entrance is fresh and slippery.

6. Bottom and material cooking: Most people are used to pouring all the things into the pot when they cook porridge. The century-old porridge shop can not do this. The bottom of the porridge is the bottom of the porridge. The material is the material. The boiled and boiled oysters are cooked separately. Finally, a piece of simmer is cooked for a while, and it is never more than 10 minutes. The porridge that is so fresh is not turbid, and the taste of every thing is smashed out without odor. Especially when the excipients are meat and seafood, the porridge bottom and the auxiliary materials should be separated. Secondly, it is based on personal taste, season and efficacy to curb all kinds of your favorite porridge! References are as follows: First, preserved egg lean meat porridge: Ingredients: rice, tenderloin, preserved eggs, green peas. Adjust ingredients: onion, ginger, cooking wine, salt, soy sauce, chicken, sesame oil. Practice: 1. Rice is washed clean, just like porridge in peacetime (I joined a few green peas). 2, the tenderloin is first marinated with a spoonful of cooking wine for a while. 3, then into the pot for a while, seven or eight mature can be fished out, cut into small Ding, with a little salt and soy sauce to taste. 4, after the preserved egg is cut, steam into the pot, because the raw preserved egg has a special taste, steam it just fine. 5, after the porridge is good, put the preserved egg and lean meat, put the onion ginger and minced garlic, continue to cook on low heat. 6, until all the materials are completely smashed, put chicken essence, a few drops of sesame oil, you can go out.

The mystery of porridge

Second, eight-treasure porridge: eight kinds of ingredients: rice, glutinous rice, millet, soybeans, mung beans, red beans, red dates, longan.

Practice: 1. Soak all kinds of beans for one night, soak the rice for half a day, wash the red dates, and dry the dried longan. 2, add appropriate amount of water and rock sugar to all materials, put in a casserole, boil over high heat, boil over low heat until the porridge is soft and viscous.

The mystery of porridge

Three, Laba porridge: Material: red dates, walnuts, black rice, fragrant rice, corn, raisins, red beans, millet.

The mystery of porridge

Practice: 1. Red beans, corn in advance for 3-4 hours. 2. Mix and wash other materials. 3, all materials are mixed into the pot, add enough water, boil a small fire into a porridge.

The mystery of porridge

Four, Lily lotus seedlings: Material: Tremella 3 lotus seeds 20 grams of dried lily 20 grams of rock sugar 100 grams 10 grams of water, the amount of water: 1, the white fungus with warm water Wash the hair for about half an hour, cut off the roots, and then tear it into small pieces by hand; lotus seeds, lily and dragonfly are also soaked in warm water. 2. Put the white fungus that has been torn into small pieces into the sand pot, pour enough water, open the fire and open the lid and turn the lid to simmer for 2 and a half hours (be careful not to spill the pot). 3. After the white fungus is cooked until thick, add rock sugar and mix well, then pour the lotus seeds, cover the lid and cook for half an hour. 4. Finally, put the lily and clams for another 15 minutes to turn off the heat and cook. The white fungus is placed in the refrigerator and chilled.

The mystery of porridge

Tips: 1. Tremella should be cooked for a long time to be thick, so it is recommended to use a pressure cooker in the home to cook with a pressure cooker. It will take another half an hour to get away. 2, lotus seeds, lily cooking time can not be too long, or it will be turned into powder, but the lotus seeds should be placed in the pot before the lily, finally put, put into the premature will produce sour taste. Five, beauty papaya porridge: materials: red dates, longan, medlar, red raisins, papaya, Thai glutinous rice, yellow rock sugar practices:

The mystery of porridge

1. Cook red dates. Jujube I didn’t make it well beforehand, it needs to cook for the longest time, so cook it first. At this time of cooking, you can soak the longan, simmer, red raisins (as green raisins) with water. If you have soaked the red dates in advance, you can save this step and go straight to the rice pot. 2, red dates boiled a little bloated, you can put glutinous rice, but do not put more, glutinous rice will open, and then you have to leave some space for the rest of the ingredients. 3, glutinous rice boiled directly into the longan, medlar, papaya, yellow rock sugar into the cooking until satisfactory, oh, raisins after the porridge is cooked, put a long time boiled raisins will be a bit sour.

Six, Lily Red Date Porridge:

The mystery of porridge

Materials: 30 grams of glutinous rice, 9 grams of lily, 10 red dates, white sugar Moderate amount. Practice:

1, firstly soak the lily with boiling water to make a part of bitterness. 2, Jiangmi Amoy, and lily, red dates with simmering into porridge, add sugar to the amount of

7, chicken porridge:

The mystery of porridge

(1) Cut the chicken breast into thin filaments and marinate with salt and oil for a while; boil the white rice porridge, pour the chicken into the chicken when it is half-cooked, stir well and cook again; when the porridge is good, put some ginger and Other seasoning green dishes, add salt. Take the pot and drink. (2) Very important point (the biggest difference between porridge and white rice porridge added): Add porridge can not be cooked for a long time. After the rice is washed, it must be soaked in water for ten minutes, then crushed with a rolling pin to control the appearance of most of the grains. This time, the porridge has a short time and a good taste.

(3) Important Tips (maybe everyone knows): Add enough water to the porridge and add water twice. (4) If you cut the chicken into small Ding, add a little green onion after the pan, it is close to Guangzhou “chicken porridge”. Eight, squid porridge:

The mystery inside

The squid and the minced garlic are first fried in the pan and the scent is extracted. Wait until the porridge is good, first put the squid, wait a while, then put the simmered minced garlic, the end of the parsley, in order to be beautiful, you can put some radish diced, very small, that taste is very fragrant, right, don’t forget Put salt and chicken.