Netflix Asia push is heavily focused on India

The online streaming giant announced on Friday nine new prototypes – eight films and a television series – as part of a wider expansion to original content from Asia. India accounts for more than half of the 17 new prototypes, which also include series from Thailand, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea.

Netflix is ​​addressing Asia for its next wave of growth and hopes that local content will further boost the 137 million user base worldwide.

"Asia hosts the major creative centers in the world producing some of today's most exciting films and series," said Ted Sarandos, head of Netflix's content in Singapore, announcing new prototypes.

Chief Executive Officer Reed Hastings predicted earlier this year that Netflix

The company also expects that new Asian broadcasts will echo millions of viewers outside of their home markets.

"More than half of the Asian content hours screened at Netflix this year are being reviewed outside of the region, so we are confident that the upcoming Asian platform will find fans in their home countries and abroad," Sarandas added.

India is one of Netflix's main overseas markets. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings predicted earlier this year that users of the next 100 million platforms will come from the country. The company launched its first Indian series, Sera Games, in July of this year and already has six new appearances at the stage of construction.
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But it has a lot to cover and delay a lot behind the Indian competitor Hotstar – soon to be Disney property (DIS) – and Amazon World Amazon (AMZN) Prime Video. Netflix had 5 million monthly active users in India last year, according to the Counterpoint survey, compared with 75 million for Hotstar and 11 million for Amazon.
Netflix will hope to close the gap with its latest Indian promotions, including well-known actors such as Dev Patel, Armie Hammer and Priyanka Chopra. The eight new films will cover thrills to horror and will be produced in many Indian languages.
It also faces some tough new competition in its local turf, with Disney launching its own Disney + streaming service in the United States next year.