Netflix to release Oscar nominees in theaters before the stream

Netflix's new releases are directed straight into the cinema.

The streaming platform announced Twitter traffic, marking a seismic shift in their business model. Netflix has released original content to theaters before, but this will be the first time films are not available at the same time.

ROMA will be the first and will be released in a selection of movies in New York and Los Angeles on Wednesday, November 21st. Those who hope to grab it on the platform will have to wait until December 14, when they will also receive a broader theatrical release.

Vanity Fair wrote the break from Netflix's formal release strategy is both to appease filmmakers and the Oscar. The movement "is a message to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences that Netflix is ​​serious about the awards and responds to the voters who insisted that the streaming service should offer major theatrical shows if it wants to be considered for Oscar gold.

ROMA's director, Alonso Cuarón, who won the Academy Award for Best Director in 2013 for Gravity, apparently pushing for a theatrical release for months.

The value of Streaming lies in directness and Netflix is ​​its largest apostle in the industry – this can be seen in the strategy of releasing their television series, where they release the seasons in one instead of flooding them like traditional television. It has long escaped the rules of the archaic cinema industry, stubbornly placing the subscriber and changing the way the public consumes media.

Netflix's move towards a more traditional release strategy is stunning, but it also shows the prestige still in natural cinema. The wait for one month is not great and while subscribers will not be happy, now that Netflix is ​​one of the major media producers, they can do what they want.

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