News ethics | vulgar news

” We generally define (common)

1 the long-term fashion, etiquette, habits, etc. in the society – that is, popular, universal popular.

2 Interesting and annoying – that is vulgar, vulgar, low-level fun

Pulpy news: There is currently no clear definition.

It can be understood that under the background of pursuing marketization and entertainment, the media over-attended the audience’s low-level aesthetic taste and used sensation. Sensory stimulation and even fraudulent means to attract audiences, the utilitarian and commercial nature of their communication is often strong.

news ethics|vulgar news

News entertainment: (more emphasis on the neutral presentation of entertainment factors, no absolute good or bad) News on the content of soft news, the relative proportion of serious news less.

News vulgarization: is a criticism of the vulgar content and poor monetization of news, and an unhealthy phenomenon in news production.

Entertainment is neutral, but to the extreme is vulgarity,

Neil Bozeman: “Entertainment is dead, everything is The vassal of entertainment will inevitably lead to vulgarization”

Note: “Entertainment to Death” Neil Bozeman published in 1985 a book about the gradual replacement of the process of writing language with the sound of television; and at the same time this is his One of the media criticism trilogy.

news ethics|vulgar news

Yellow News: A sensational sensational shallow sensory stimuli that focuses on rendering and exaggerating news facts such as sensational pornography, violence, crime, natural and man-made disasters, etc. A style of news that earns high profits.


1 title: Attracting audiences with vulgar and provocative headlines,

2% of the time of the page: The proportion of vulgar content is too large, and “bad money drives out good money” appears.

News Ethics|Vulgar News

Performance Content

1. Hype starry, privacy and boring trivia

2. Detailed description of obscene, yellow plots

3. Detailed display of robbery, murder, and bloody Scenes

4. Excessive pursuit of hunting, preference for bizarre and absurd content

5.Exhibition of worship (Exaggerating the gap between rich and poor in society)

6.Vulgar spoof


1. Audience hunting psychology (premise)

2. Means of vicious competition in media

3.The lack of professionalism of journalists

4.The influence of popular culture


1. “News 3”: Harmful media credibility

2. Social ethos, the construction of ethical order


1.From the media level: achieving differentiated competition


aDifferentiated positioning

bExpanding new propagation space (width)

cExploring new propagation dimensions (depth)

The third floor of the news report

1 report is a direct report on the fact itself

2Exploring the intrinsic investigation report behind the appearance

3 in fact Authentic and investigative reports based on yesterday’s explanatory and very analytical reports

2. From the journalist level: improving professionalism

3. From the level of professional ethics: strengthen social supervision

4. From the audience: strengthen media literacy education

news ethics|vulgar news