No. 6 Buckingham Gate, St James

In St.James's Park, No. 6 Buckingham Gate is over 15,000 square feet of real estate, arranged on seven floors, bordering Buckingham Palace. It is the large proportions and impressive design of this Victorian mansion that highlights the real reliability of the accommodation. The house is a perfect balance of elegant, bright and intricate design that incorporates luxury.

This 19th-century listed building has been meticulously renovated and redesigned by Direct Painting Group, creating a beautifully transformed property with modernism at its core.


The spaces of no. 6 of Buckingham Gate were once occupied by Jacobean Mansion, Tart Hall. In 1663, Tart Hall was bought by Earl of Arundel & in the mid-19th century, a new "Buckingham Gate" street appeared, from which the house naturally adopted its name.

In 2018, TAI United Holdings Ltd, a world-renowned portfolio investment firm, acquired the property. TAI United intended to rediscover the house, drawing on its undeniable history and character at the same time.

Plan :

From the recently polished & upholstered doors to the distinguished facade of No.6 Buckingham Gate, this timeless property has been completely renovated. Modern mid-century is the leading motif in the intricate interior design of the accommodation.

The main focus of the project was to bridge the gap between indoor and outdoor spaces. Large windows, double doors, Juliette balconies, terraces and exciting outdoor areas are all additions to the home, encouraging more natural light and exposure throughout the mansion. Attention to detail was crucial to the success of the project. In the early 19th century, classic style rooms, every element has been meticulously renovated: every cornice, wall molding and rose has been perfectly restored. Designed to capture the elegance combined with simplicity through careful interior decoration & meticulous attention to detail, the No.6 Buckingham Gate is a unique and exceptional home with authenticity at its core.

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