North Virginia is reportedly a pioneer


Having Amazon's new $ 5 billion headquarters in your home country will have its privileges like tens of thousands of new jobs. But, it could also be a giant headache.

Employees in the Crystal City neighborhood of Arlington, Virginia, should not be celebrating yet.

But the high-stakes battle surrounding which of the 20 metropolitan areas Amazon will choose for its second headquarters is to hit another cluster twist, with a senior Amazon executive responding to Twitter at a Washington Post report during the weekend that Amazon was in "advanced conversations" by opening her headquarters in North Virginia, just outside the nation's capital.

The article reported anonymous sources "near the process". Amazon did not respond to USA Today's request for comment, while its headquarters are in Seattle.

According to Post, "discussions were more detailed than the company had in relation to other locations in North Virginia and some other cities nationwide, adding the guess that the site in Arlington County is the pioneer to land the second online giant "The post office has added that a leading real estate developer in the area, JBG Smith, has pulled some of its buildings out of the leasing market and that local officials have discussed how to make a public announcement about the choice or Amazon, sometime later this month.

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It is entirely possible, however, that the Amazon has similar discussions with other finalists.

Shortly after publishing the Post report, Amazon's director of public policy for economic development, Mike Grella tweeted: "Remind the genius that leaks information on Crystal City, VA as # HQ2 choice. and stop coping with the NDA you signed as a used towel. "

Grella is also weighing on another Post by tweet, one of which was the speculation for the HQ2 survey based on the point where Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is "flying away" as the Amazon spokesman said, Jeff flies and does not fly says nothing about the # HQ2 cities. The search team has earned its trust and the greater use of its time does not look at the empty buildings and lands – it has a business running – # Amazon. "

Of course, Grella did not really say that the Post report on the Crystal City report was untrue, and USA Today has also considered the DC region and North Virginia, in particular, as one of the most likely of the first runners to come out the winner. North Virginia is also beloved on online betting sites.

The area is business friendly, and close not only to Washington DC, but Dulles International Airport, an important hub. There is also a high concentration of internet connection in the area. Probably it does not hurt either that Amazon's CEO, Jeff Bezos, is also a Washington Post holder.

The winning area will certainly have tremendous economic benefits. Amazon plans to invest more than $ 5 billion, and 50,000 new jobs in the company are expected to yield an average pay of more than $ 100,000. Meanwhile, 250,000 indirect jobs will be created, according to calculations by Enrico Moretti, Professor of Economics at the University of California-Berkeley.

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