Opinion | Vote in New York and New Jersey? Let's help

CreditIllustrations by Rebecca Clarke

Mr. Delgado, a lawyer and scholar from Rhodes, made health care the central theme of his campaign to abolish Representative John Faso, a Republican. It supports a public choice to allow 65-year-olds to choose Medicare, and legislation to lower premiums and discounts. His opponent has greatly supported the Trump agenda, including the vote on the abolition of the law on affordable care. Equally worrying, Mr Faso has benefited from advertisements of guardians against Mr Delgado, funded by the Republican Congressional leadership, highlighting Mr Delgado's short career as rapper. Read more.

Ms Grechen Shirley, a Democratic activist who is questioning a longtime Republican deputy, Peter King, is among the wave of women inspired by President Trump's election. Previously helped defend Democrats and women in the region by setting up an organization to oppose the Republican attempt to abolish the Affordable Care Act. A mother of two young children, convinced the Federal Electoral Commission to allow her to spend childcare campaign funds, making her the first woman to do it. Mr King has caused an anti-immigrant sentiment. Asked about the separation of children from parents at the border, a news agency said, "Americans are more interested in Americans." Read more.

Gershon, a Democrat, supports Medicare for All and supported the Affordable Care Act, which Democratic incumbent Lee Zeldin has voted for in the gut. Mr Gershon, which favors logical constraints on migration as part of the overall reforms, supported the protection of dreams without other provisions, as opposed to Mr Zeldin. Mr Zeldin, who enthusiastically supported Mr Trump, began his re-election campaign at an event with Sebastien Gorka, a Trump's far-right ex-assistant, who wore a brooch from a Hungarian-based Nazi-based group. This group asked Mr Gorka as a member, though he denies it. Mr Zeldin was also able to make money from Steve Bannon, another former Trump assistant, who has been linked to some of the most extreme right-wing groups in Europe and the United States. Read more.

Mr Brindisi, a democratic government adviser who hopes to expel Mr Claudia Tenney's representative, is popular, is refreshingly serious and moderate. He supports the abortion rights but voted against Mr. Cuomo's artillery control legislation. It also supports extensive historical checks and other legislation on the safety of firearms. Ms. Tenney has been wrapped in the Trump style. After taking a photo of Parkland, Fla., This year, he said that "so many of these people who commit mass murders end up being Democrats." Read more.