Our Wish List for Nintendo N64 classic

A reputation appeared this week that Nintendo was working on a retro version of the N64 console, which will include 30 games. If this is true, it would put the device at the same level as the original NES Classic in terms of value. So what games have to make the cut?

A report from GamingINTEL sources said and predicted that the console will be announced this month and will be released in time for the holiday season. However, the report also said that the announcement will come at the end of today's Nintendo Direct, but that did not happen (although I saluted Ken, Incineroar and the Piranha plant in Super Smash Bros Ultimate). So get the truth of fame with a wheat salt.

It is likely that the announcement may come later this month if it comes at all.

But what games would they take? GamingINTEL said the console will have 30 games, including Zelda's Legend: The Hare of Time, Super Mario 64, and Bath-Kazui. The latter sounds a little dubious, like Bath-Kazui is a rare property and therefore belongs to Microsoft now. But suppose this was not a matter, and ask ourselves: Which games deserve a spot on the list?

I have to reconcile the fact that these consoles offer only a set amount of games. This does not seem to change soon, no matter how much I want to be. Nintendo has released hundreds of games for the N64, so it has a pretty library to choose from.

We will probably see all Mario games, including Super Mario 64, Mario Paper, Mario Golf, Mario Tennis, and Mario Kart 64. Also, there is no doubt that we will see the usual suspects of Nintendo, including Super Smash Bros, myth about Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Donkey Kong 64, and Star Fox 64.

Beyond that, we must include Rare's library – in the end, it would be a voice not to see Goldeneye 007 or Perfect Dark or Conker's bad day (although the latter may be inconsistent with the image of the Nintendo family). Other third party games to be included would be Castlevania 64, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, and possibly one of them Turok Games. I would like to ask Resident Evil 2, but I doubt that Capcom would like to take the person's time away from the remake released in January.

What games would you like in a retro N64 console? I'm likely to lose some because it's been so long since I put my hands on the console. Let us know in the comments.

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