Peak matchup Aibo sports forecasting prospects: Monaco vs Marseille

peak Forecourt Liberation Aberdeen Sports Forecast Preview: Monaco vs Marseille

The last round of the fourth round of Ligue 1 The competition will start in the early hours of Monday, when Monaco will be at home to Marseille. The performance of the two teams in the opening season is erratic, and everyone’s recent confrontation is also very expensive. It may be optimistic that they will get 1 point in this round.

Although it was the runner-up of the Ligue 1 last season, there is still a huge gap between Monaco and the Babel Parisian Saint-Germain. Both the offensive and defensive performance and the difference between the two sides reflect the strength of the former. Less than the latter, and in the French Super Cup in early August, Monaco also devastated the Paris Saint-Germain four eggs and lost the championship, the team suffered a lot of hits. As a result, the first three rounds of the Ligue 1 team in the new season only achieved a mediocre record of one game, and these performances clearly did not match their runner-up status. The poor performance of the offense is the reason for Monaco’s poor performance in the opening season. Except for the first game of the league, the team won the first game, the other three official teams won only one goal by the striker Pellegri, led by the shooter Falcao. The attackers are duty-bound, and their play will determine the fate of Monaco’s field. In terms of lineup, defender Pia Barbosa, midfielder Golovin and striker Jovitic were absent from the injury; defender Andyaraki was absent due to illness.

Coincidentally, Marseille’s fourth season last season, Marseille’s new season performance was also unsatisfactory. The first three rounds only had 1 win, 1 draw and 1 loss, even though the average firepower exceeded 2 goals during the period. However, the average goal loss is 1.67, and the defensive defensiveness often makes the efforts of the shooters in vain. What is even more worrying is that Marseille has lost at least two goals in a single game against Monaco in the past six times. If the opponent is not blocked by the current attack, Marseille has no chance to grab the game. In addition, compared to Monaco’s scorers in the downturn, the three major attackers in the Marseilles, Towan, Payer and Germain are in good shape, the three leagues have so far shot 5 goals, they will It is the key to Marseille’s expedition to fight for the whole body.

Market analysis:

In the analysis of Aibo Sports big data, the agencies opened the main Monaco to make the semi-super high water, and the market retreat was the main reason. In the hands of high water, in the history of the two teams, it can be seen that Monaco’s strength is stronger than the visiting team’s Marseille. The two teams’ recent performances are relatively general. The agencies have opened the main Monaco to make the semi-super high water for the home game. Monaco is not optimistic, the market retreat is mainly for the tie, the performance of Marseille away is not satisfactory, so the retreat, there is no reduction in the payout, but the home team Monaco can not afford the ball, the game is optimistic about the away game Marseille Anti-customer-based, all take 3 points.

Recommendation: The visiting team Marseille is allowed to tie the game

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