Phoebe Bridgers opens for attack by Ryan Adams, thanks to fans for support

Washington: American music Phoebe Bridgers finally broke its silence about allegations of harassment and emotional abuse against singer-songwriter Ryan Adams. The 24-year-old artist shared an emotional position on Instagram on Sunday, thanking her family and friends for their love and support.

Bridgers started their note saying: "It was a strange week and I wanted to say a few things."

"Thank you wholeheartedly for my friends, for my bands, for my mom … Everyone supported and validated and they told me that what had happened was bad and wrong and that I was entitled to feel strange so I could not do without them, "she writes along with a photo of her fellow singers and songwriters Lucy Dacus and Julien Baker.

He also hit the support system of Adam and his friends, urging potential users' friends to keep them under control. "Ryan also had a network, friends, bands, people he worked with, and none of them took him in charge, and they told him what they did or what they did not say that what he did was okay. If you are a friend of yours, you will hear them, that is the way in which everything is done better, "he concluded. Her message met with support from others, such as Adam's ex-husband, Madhya Moore. [Heart] you, buddy, "said the actor," That's Us, "using a heart emoji.

Adams was hit by allegations of harassment and sexual mischief by many women in a New York Times article published last Wednesday. The defendants, one of whom claimed to be just a teen when the two had sex online chatting that Adams used his power in the industry to lure them with the promise to advance their career.

Adams's lawyer, Andrew B. Brettler, has denied all claims to the Times, stating that his client "did not deal with inappropriate sexual communications on the internet with someone who knew he was a minor".

Brettler also added that the allegations come from "dissatisfied people" who blame the singer for personal or business disappointment, according to the point of sale. Bridgers told the Times that he met for the first time with Adams in 2014 when he was only 20 years old and was fascinated by the "mythology" around Adams, whom he had heard could help to promote his career. He added that the twin started a romance and began to discuss the possible release of music in his record company.

Bridgers claimed that the 44-year-old singer grew emotionally abusive and controlled, sometimes even those who threatened suicide if he did not immediately respond to his writings. Bridgers also claimed that Adams once asked her to "bring something in the hotel room," where she was "completely naked" when she appeared.

Through his lawyer, Adams told the Times that his time with Bridgers was "a brief, consensual beating," and refused to send any erotic text messages and naked incidents. Shortly after publishing the Times story, Adams apologized for Twitter, acknowledging that he "made many mistakes," but called the article "upset inaccurate."