Pricing design with Haines Watts and Nicola Pearson.

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Welcome back to the Hunter Podcast style and today on the show we welcome Nicola Pearson from Haines Watts to discuss the design prices and all the complications and difficulties of the subject.

Nicola is a Certified Accountant, has worked for the past thirteen years and the core of her work at Haines Watts is around owners. We start our discussion by looking at the vague and confusing nature of pricing in design and how designers can proceed to pricing their work intelligently and successfully.

The conversation covers contracts and fixed fees, working capital and professional advice and some of the tools and systems that can help designers make the most of their work with minimal pain and effort. After passing through the technical expertise that Nikolas has to share, we pass some of the most personal aspects with our visitor.

Nicola shares some of her inspiration and daily wisdom from work and home, so stay tuned for it!

Key points of this episode:

  • The complexity of pricing in the design industry.
  • Set your own values ​​to the right level according to various factors.
  • Contracts, fixed fees and reassuring customers and designers.
  • Seeking help from a professional dealing with these issues specifically for designers.
  • Defining working capital and securing your assets and capital.
  • Using systems, tools and professional tips to maximize your effectiveness.
  • HMRC and the new tax regulations and government requirements.
  • How Nicola reconciles her work and personality and appears for her role.
  • When and where Nicola gets her best ideas.
  • The biggest challenges faced by Haines Watts and Nicola.
  • Some of Nicola's best business decisions.
  • Looking ahead to the future with Nicola and Haines Watts.
  • Why larger accounting firms are sometimes the best option.
  • One round of quick fire quizzes with Nicola!
  • And many more!

Contact info:

"People need to know a lot about what is billing and also assure what they charge their overhead expenses" – @ nikipearson [0:03:36.3]

"Once you have something that you can use again and again is a good investment." – @ nikipearson [0:12:02.9]

"For us there is a huge choice out of the accountants' view, many people who do what we do and I would say that it also applies to interior designers." – @nikipearson [0:29:37.6]

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