Priyanka Chopra would like to run for India's prime minister

Los Angeles: Actor Priyanka Chopra Jonas says he would like to run for India's prime minister.

In an interview with The Sunday Times, actor "Quantico" opened for her political expectations for herself, and her husband and Nick Nick star tell

"I would love to play India's Prime Minister, and I would love to love Nick to run for president," said Preanka 36 years old. "I do not like politically related things, but I know we both really want to make a change, never say anything."

While Priyanka has said she has tried to remain absolute throughout her life, because she likes to "make the food for humanity", the actor could not deny the fact that Nick, 26, would do a great leader. "She is not afraid to use the word (feminist) and I like it," he said.

Priyanka, who married Nick in December 2018, previously praised singer "Sucker" in April at Tina Brown's 10th Annual Woman at the World Summit.

He said: "I call him" Gero Jonas "This is my name for" OMJ "He is so old, very intelligent, so good to me because he reigns so much" I am a wild child, I do what I want, whenever I want and always supports me. "