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After moving to Cape Town, I travel back to the states a few times a year to visit friends and family. Since this is a long-haul trip, I've put all the miles of my airline for good use, upgrading my flights.

It's really worth it on trips like these – especially if you have a business and travel as much as I do.

On my most recent trip to my home, my The Points Guy friends threw me from Cape Town to New York to live in Qatar's award-winning business class! On this first leg of my flight from Cape Town to Doha, I flew on to their luxurious A350-900.

(On my second leg from Doha to New York, I got to fly Qatar QSuites – do not miss my review here!)

Professional seats

As soon as I boarded the flight and took my seat, the specialized flight attendant came to introduce herself. He also gave me a glass of champagne or a non-alcoholic drink. I chose lemonade with mint and a warm towel.

The layout of the seat means that each passenger has direct access to the treadmill. Medium seats do not have the same level of privacy as the ones next to the window. If you are traveling solo, take a window. If you are traveling with someone, take a middle seat, however, will be separated by a divisor.

While there is no stored warehouse above the middle seats, everyone saves their luggage over the window seats. Each seat has more than enough personal space and extra foot space, which you will not find on the A330 or A340 models.

You will also have access to a USB port and a universal plug for charging your devices, a seat remote control, a reading lamp and adjustable armrests.

Qatar Business Class Seats


The A350 business class has many luxurious amenities. Visitors have at their disposal a set of equipment from the Castello Monte Vibiano Collection, which contains a moisturizing facial, moisturizing cream, lip balm, facial mask, socks and earplugs. The case for toiletries is also very nice! It is a case of luggage style that we will definitely reuse in future trips.

Other features include a 17-inch LCD screen, noise canceling headphones, Evian water, a super luxe blanket and a pillow.

Class QAR

In-flight entertainment

The entertainment system Oryx One had a wide range of Hollywood movies, documentaries and TV shows. You can watch everything from Ted Talks to Vogue by talking to Taylor Swift for her greatest style influences.

I chose not to work during this flight and, in spite of that, holiday movies I saw coming to the spirit of Christmas!

There is also Wi-Fi in the A350. The first 30 minutes are free and if you need more time, it is relatively inexpensive.

Food + Drink

Qatar does not stop when it comes to the impressive a-la-carte menu. Unlike other airlines, there is no fixed lunch time. With their open bank plan, you can eat as much as you want, whenever you like and eat your lessons in any order you want.

I also love that Qatar has an entire mocktail list. If you do not drink alcohol, you are not limited to soft drinks, coffee and water.

The dishes are beautiful and come with a few extras like freshly baked bread, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I'm obsessed with the lean salt and peppers – it adds to the luxury of their cooking experience.

All meals come with the choice of a lightweight starter, such as a mixed mezze platter and a dessert. Cakes, ice cream and mousses do not look like nothing you can find in the economy department.

Quality and presentation are what you would expect to find in a French boulangerie!

Hamam International Airport swimming pool

International Airport Hamad

After landing in Doha, I had a two-hour break at Hamad International Airport. My ticket gave me access to the exclusive Qatar Airways Business Class Lounge.

A 24-hour buffet is available in the hotel as well as a selection of dishes upon request. There is a bar that serves a wide selection of wines, beers, cocktails and champagne and many sockets,

If you have a longer transit time, book yourself a spa treatment at the Vitality Wellbeing & Fitness Center. There is also a beautiful swimming pool, a full gym and a hydrotherapy bath.

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Class QAR

In total

The flying business class with Qatar from Cape Town to New York meant that boarding in the US was a comfortable, stressful experience. I was able to sleep on my flight, catch up on a job, listen to the airplane in some of my favorite holiday movies and eat in my heart.

The staff escapes to make sure you have a pleasant flight and their attention to detail makes a flight with Qatar an excellent experience. If you want to spoil yourself with a seat upgrading for your next long haul, I highly recommend Qatar!

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Have you flown a business class with Qatar before? What was your experience?