Rafael Nadal meets ball-girl and family after accidentally hitting her

Following Rafael Nadal's video of a ball-girl's consolation when she accidentally hit her head, she became viral, a sweet gesture by the Spanish tennis maestro grabs her attention.

The 33-year-old went on Instagram and shared a photo with the kid named Anita.

He wrote: "Very pleased to see that Anita is doing well, I also had the opportunity to meet her, Mark's brother and her parents.

The tennis player had previously rushed to comfort her and gave her a kiss on her forehead.

Today's world number had spoken about the incident and said: "For her, it wasn't a good time, I was so scared for her, the ball was fast and straight on her. I'm so glad it's good. is brave.

As for the race, Nadal has traveled to the third round of the Australian Open after beating Argentina's Federico Delbonis in straight sets.

He said he missed out on many opportunities but eventually found his rhythm to win the race.

"It was a tough race. I missed a lot of opportunities at breakpoint but found a way to finally win the second set."

"In the third, I was more relaxed, more aggressive and I found the game better in this set," he added.