Ravi Shankar Prasad for closer synergy between data on the data. supports the use of anonymized data

IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad has called for increased synergy between government services on data, which can be anonymous and analyzed to provide technological innovations to address the various problems faced by the country. "This is our next challenge," said Prasd at an event that facilitated the winners of the #OpenGovDataHack national challenge.

He says India is among a handful of countries with open data (ecosystems), he said, adding that new and innovative products that exploit the data could be useful in many areas such as healthcare, education, agriculture and the transport.

"I would like a greater synergy between my department and the other government agencies in India dealing with the data," said Prasad, adding that the perception of little that the data needs to be locked out is not right.

"All government departments are data custodians on behalf of the people of India, they should not be personal property, but they should be anonymous data," the minister said.

He called on the technology community to use such "anonymous data" to find solutions to the problems faced by the country.

"I give you a challenge that if you see a particular type of illness in children in a particular region of the country, you should use the anonymous data and find solutions.

"When you have so many different problems in the country, it is our duty as technologists to find solutions to this," said Prasad.

India, the minister said, must be a force in data analysis and the country's innovative spirit should become a mass movement.

He asked the IT community to reach out to the remarkable and tricky departments and to make digital literacy. This, he said, will help the government achieve the goal of turning India into a digital society and pushing the benefits of government services and initiatives across all sections of society.

He said the government has provided two sets of lakh data on an open data platform to offer an opportunity for innovation to everyone.

Prasad said the government does not encourage data to be available to privileged few and that massive digital mixing will bring better and faster results.

The Open Government Data (OGD) platform aims to promote innovation in the open data ecosystem in India. It has been created by the National Computer Center (NIC) according to the "open data policy", the purpose of which is to provide a platform for proactive access to public sharing data. These sets of data are published directly on the platform by government agencies, according to an official announcement.