Republican Mike Brown defeats Joe Donnelly of Indiana for Senate seat

Republican Mike Brown defeated incumbent Democrat Joe Donnelly in the US Senate fight in Indiana on Tuesday.

Donnelly was one of the Senate's most vulnerable Democrats, who was re-elected to a state president, Donald Trump, gained nearly 20 points in 2016. Campaign as someone who was willing to break his party on issues like support proposal of the Trump new wall along the Mexican border.

But in October, Donnelly voted against Trump's supreme judge, Brett Kavanaugh, who was supported by Braun's campaign, and gave him a great deal of support. The fight was tight all summer, with Donnelly having a slight lead in most polls.

Brown, an entrepreneur and a former state spokesman, made Mexico a huge part of the campaign. He told TV ads that Donnelly had personally sent jobs to Mexico because he owned shares in a family business running a factory in Mexico. Although Donnelly sold the stock last year, Republican TV commercials still feature him as "Mexico Joe."

Donnelly opposed that Braun, a car distributor he owns today, supplies many products from China and has been the subject of numerous legal actions and referrals for labor standards violations. The Democrats of the Indians even sent executives to a Braun campaign campaign to emit Chinese flags.

But as in other states, much of the Indiana Senate debate has focused on healthcare. Donnelly has opposed the Republican efforts to abolish or undermine parts of the Affordable Care Act. Although he supported these efforts, Braun claimed that instead of Donnelly, he would better protect people with pre-existing conditions from discrimination by insurance companies. He relied on his claim that his company provides health insurance for its employees, although they have to pay an abnormally high deduction before they begin to cover them.

"While I was in the hospital, Mike Braun shot me and updated my finish, so my safety was canceled," Songer said in the advertisement.