Saint-Rams perfect warm-up to Tom Brady vs. Aaron Rodgers

A quick look at objects of interest as Week 9 continues …

Who's hot

Tom Bradley and Aaron Rodgers. The weekend's debut with the most impressive collection of Marquee matches (and not because Patrick Mahomes and Baker Mikefield will climb to Cleveland), the NFL's "winner" is facing the man who claims to be NFL's best general "In the showcase Sunday.

It's only the second time that Brady and Rodgers shatter (Rodgers 1, Brady 0, Lambeau Field). Perhaps the next time it happens in a Super Bowl. Sure, Brady does not have to personally defend Rodgers as a member of the secondary school and vice versa. But he is head to head even though points add pressure to the other quarterback. With none of these megastar backbacks backed by a dominant defense, it looks like a shootout waiting to happen at the Gillette stadium. And he feels as dramatic as maybe … the last person with the soccer wins.

The pressure is on

The Keenum and John Elway. Whatever Elway, the Broncos football architect, thought he would sign Keenum for $ 18 million a year has not happened. Chances are never. The history of Keenum's turnover problems followed him in Denver. had more cycles (11) than the TD passages (10). As Houston visits Sunday, the reminders will be in the air. Keenum started the craftsman's career with the Texans – who just received one of Keenum's primary weapons, Demaryius Thomas, in a trade on Tuesday.

Combination of keys

Cooper Kupp vs. P.J. Williams. Kupp had a huge game (eight catches, 116 meters) when the Rams beat the Saints in L.A. last December and now returns after ignoring the last two contests with a knee splinter. Williams – who picked up and died early on the Vikings last weekend before recovering with some big games – could do a great job against Kupp in the Slot.

But recently received Eli Eli is a choice, too. It will not be as simple as assigning Pro Bowler Marshon Lattimore to the project because of other Jared Goff – Brandin Cooks (returning to New Orleans) and Robert Woods. These match-ups will be crucial for Sunday's run-off when the Saints try to knock off the undefeated NFL team. And the Saints realize that back-end coverage starts with the hurry ahead.

Next person

Greg Williams. With Hugh Jackson and Moderator Todd Haley showed the door this week, Williams is essentially the last man to stand out from the alpha dog's trio who handles the top Browns coaching positions. Guess you can never say anything. When Williams was banned from the NFL just a few years ago to play a leading role in the Bountygate scandal, it seemed safe to suggest that the vicious but defaced defensive ace would never land at another coach's concert. Now he's the Browns temporary coach. The strange thing about a 3-36-1 record – Jackson's signal during Brown's term – will lead to an opportunity. For someone.

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Rookie Clock

Orlando Brown Jr. The son of a former Raven, the last name called "Zeus," Brown will start again on the right tackle, retreating for injured James Hurst for the intense game of A-North opponent against Steelers. A third-round option from Oklahoma, Brown begins his NFL career just where he wanted – expressing in a sincere letter to Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome before the plan.

Baltimore did not particularly design for such a rapid rise in composition, but Brown has shown gradual improvement and reduced some of the body fat that was a preoccupation. And circumstances have dictated some quick adjustments, which also apply to the left-handed encounter as a secondary swing man Jermaine Eluemunor subs for the injured Ronnie Stanley.

If the playoffs were today …

The Seahawks (4-3), which host chargers on Sunday, will be the sixth seed in the NFC. With a winning two-game series and the only loss during a five-minute game, a two-point deviation against the Rams, Seattle appeared silent as a wild card contender. It will be a busy fight, with two of the three NFC North teams (Chicago, Minnesota, Green Bay) and Philadelphia (if they can not catch Washington) in the mix. To enable the Seahawks to anchor for a playoff, they will have to survive a hit of a program that includes a three game against the Rams, Packers and Panthers and a December end against the Chiefs.

Stomach for an inconvenience

Atlanta in Washington. The NFC East title is Washington to lose … or win. No, she is not the same team Jay Gruden who in 2016 was positioned for a playoff boost at 6-3-1 in mid-November, then faded the stretch and finished 8-7-1. This team has better defense, a game inspired by Adrian Peterson and stable Alex Smith at QB.

Again, Washington (5-2) has yet to prove she will not waste her lead as Philadelphia recovers. The last time P faced a powerful assault, the Saints ran them out of the Superdome. This time, playing on the grass at home, should help. And Peterson gets a crack in an exhausted Atlanta injury injury. However, the Falcons (3-4) are desperate, which may be a reason why the home team is preferred by only two points.

Stat is the fact

With a great game at Cleveland, Chiefs QB Mahomes could only become the second thief in the NFL history to spend 300 meters in eight consecutive games in a season. Andrew Luck was the first in 2014. Consider: Marino, Favre, Elway, Montana, Manning, Brady, Moon. None of them hit this mark, although Drew Brees had a series of seven straight 300-yuan toys in 2011. And Mahomes is in his first year as a beginner.

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