Satya Nadella: Data privacy should be seen as a human right: Satya Nadella

DAVOS: Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said on Thursday that data privacy should be seen as a human right that should be protected and fully transparent.

Speaking here at the World Economic Forum's (WEF) annual summit, Nadella said that it must also be ensured that the enormous data used with consent is for the benefit of society.

During a conversation with WEF founder and Executive Chairman Klaus Schwab, Nadella also favored discussing the CEO's remuneration and any remuneration, including return on equity.

Asked what his recipe was to do good and at the same time do the most valuable company in the world, Nedela said: "It comes down to this basic business plan: when you do it well, the people around you do good. "

"People and institutions are all part of our society, so if you don't think about the wider systems, it's not stable," he added. "The question ultimately goes back to what the market says and what society says."

Referring to the book The Narrow Corridor, he said we need to find what works, so no one loses. It is in the long-term interest of shareholders that we do the right thing for the stakeholders, he stressed.

"The CEOs of today's world need to do more to announce that stakeholder capitalism is for the long-term benefit of shareholders," Nadella said.

He said that there are four interconnected elements needed for the world to collectively achieve more this decade – power broad economic growth through technology intensity; ensure that economic growth is inclusive; build confidence in technology and its use; and commit to a sustainable future.

Asked about a possible expansion of the economy and technology between China and the US, Nadella said: "Every country cares about its national security, I would ask you to think about what should happen."

"If we have to 'consciously disconnect', all we can do is increase the total transaction costs of our economy.

"The last thirty years have been an amazing period of market access, but we have to grow because the world is more complex," he said as he recalled the time he immigrated to the US and then joined the software industry.

He said people will need more standards around trust in technology.

"I think China is deeply concerned about the morality of the CA and the US," he said.

On privacy, he said that the dignity of data is vital and that the next level of work is not only private, but should be able to control how one's data is used in the world.

"What if the consumer benefits from his data as well as the advertisers? More work is needed on the dignity of the data – and new business models in the 2020s," he said.

Nadella also said that we need to understand why artificial intelligence (AI) marks a departure from previous software.

"We have the ability to write software for data for the first time," he said, but added that we should not be too quick to give up our responsibility.

"We support a set of principles regarding accountability and should be converted into applied software practice.

"The best way to ensure that there is no bias in AI is to have the team that creates the AI ​​representing the variety we want to have," Nadella said.

The regulation should be more executable than design time, he added.