Sean Hannity's appearance on Ramble's tram was denounced


Sean Hannity spoke from the scene of Donald Trump's last mid-term election fight in Missouri on Monday after the Fox News Channel and his most celebrated personality had insisted he would not do it all day. (November 6th)

WASHINGTON – Fox News said on Tuesday he did not approve the appearance of some of the network's personalities in a campaign campaign in the Republic.

Host Sean Hannity and his conservative commentator Fox News, Jeanine Pirro, were invited to the stage by President Donald Trump during a campaign that was held Monday in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Both gave brief remarks in support of Trump and the Republican Platform. Rush Limbaugh, a conservative soldier who does not work for Fox, introduced Trump to the event.

"Fox News does not approve of any talent participating in campaign events. We have an excellent team of journalists that helps cover us tonight and we are extremely proud of their work. This was an unfortunate distraction and has been dealt with" a statement on Tuesday.

The network did not work out how to deal with the issue.

On Sunday, ABC News published a tweeted depiction of a press release from the Trump campaign, announcing "the special appearance of conservative media myths Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity" at Cape Girardeau's final stoppage.

The statement has after being removed from the campaign site.

Before the rally, Hannity sent a tweet, explaining: "Despite the reports, I will make a live show from Cape Girardeau and talk to President Trump before the race. To be clear, I will not be on stage with the President. "

But at the event, Trump called Hannity on stage, saying: "Sean Hannity, he got up," and embracing the commentator before leading him on the podium.

"Incidentally, all these people on the back are fake news," Hannity began as she headed for the media in the amphitheater, appealing to the president. He said he had no idea that the president would call him on stage.

The Fox News host then said, "The only thing that has done and has set your presidency more than anything else: promises made, promises that have been held", paraphrasing a campaign slogan for the Trump.

In a tweet on Tuesday, Hannity reiterated his claim that the show had not been scheduled ahead of time (despite the previous announcement that he would appear on this very rally), and insisted that when Trump named him on stage, "surprised, at the request of the President. "

Trump also called Pirro on stage, introducing Fox News host as "a woman on Saturday night who treats us very well." He spoke briefly, turning the economy under the Trump and encouraging people to vote.

Since its inception, Fox News has tried to be a conservative voice in what its supporters say was a predominantly liberal media landscape. Critics have long accused the network of distorting facts in favor of its political bias.

But these criticisms have moved since Trump took over, with many of the network hosts appearing as cheerleaders on the President's agenda. In July, Bill Shine, a former Fox News senior officer who left the network for complaints of sexual harassment, joined the White House communication team.

In May, the New York magazine reported that Trump and Hannity are talking almost every week.

CNN reported unofficial officials at Fox News on Tuesday, who said they were "keen" in Hannity's rally.

"People across the company believe that a new line has crossed," said a Fox News senior official, according to CNN.

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