Serbian tennis star Novak Djokovic wants everyone to unite in this "very challenging" era

It's a "very difficult" time and everyone needs to come together, says Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic. The player expressed concern about the spread of the coronation via the Instagram post.

He wrote: "I pray for your health and healing, may God cure any illness you have physical, mental or spiritual, can give you health, energy and joy today, very difficult times for all. Pray, stay home at quarantine and help the first doctors to help all the people who are infected and in need. Let's not burden them in these critical times more than they already are.

"It's a matter of perspective, we live in a fast-paced, constantly moving modern life, we can rarely stop and get on with our lives, we are addicted to the idea that we always have to be somewhere else and do something productive. to be productive and dynamic, but in harmony with the peace and inner perception of our true essence. We cannot be healthy if our world is not healthy, this is the time to come together and unite. " added.

Djokovic also said that we all live in the same world and that we should treat nature as "being self-sufficient".

"Having at home, we hope not only to help slow down the spread of this virus, but also to give ourselves the opportunity to truly deal with certain emotions and subconscious programs that have been suppressed and ignored. At every level of our being, only with this can increase our own vibration and help Mother Earth heal faster We are all ONE, we all live in the same world Try to treat humans and Nature as if you were healing God As blesses everyone, we will be stronger and more united, I'm sure, "the message read further.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), globally, cases of new coronaviruses have reached 2,94,110 with more than 12,944 deaths.