Sister entertainment: entertainment, consumption

What is your usual way of entertainment? Games, travel, or gatherings? No matter which one, mentioning entertainment, you can’t avoid the need for a lot of expenses.

Playing games requires spending money to buy equipment. Traveling requires hotels and air tickets. Meetings also require drinks and food. The concept of entertainment=consumption has been ingrained in everyone’s mind.

The process of entertainment is really enjoyable, but after the entertainment, the wallet has indeed been hit hard, there is no way to save money and entertainment? Of course! Sister entertainment brings you a different experience.

 Sister entertainment: entertainment and consumption

Sister entertainment uses the core product – room card, buy a house The behavior of the card package is similar to the purchase of the product. Just like the current game card charging on many e-commerce platforms, the store owner needs to purchase a batch of point cards first, and input the password into the automatic coding platform to achieve The effect of the seller’s automatic delivery.

You may want to say that you still have to pay for a house card? Yes, no.

Sister Entertainment will use MKC Global Pass as the medium, relying on MKC’s global industry layout, it will achieve wide circulation in various fields. At that time, sister entertainment will be extremely global with MKC as the global certificate. Sex and huge value space.

 Sister Entertainment: Entertainment and Consumption

MKC, is a New Zealand L&Z International Corporation TD Foundation The global digital pass issued, which is the first to be applied in the sister entertainment system.

This is also the biggest advantage of sister entertainment compared to other common entertainment platforms – because MKC is not a pure system score, but a value-added user. Digital cryptocurrency.

In sister entertainment, as long as the room card is used to open the game, the power is automatically generated. A certain amount of MKC can be obtained each time the room card is consumed.

MKC has a lot of application scenarios compared to other digital assets.

In addition to the game platform, it also accesses new retail integration, online mall, travel shopping, convenience platform, offline exchange and other industry applications; not only that, open source code customers based on MKC service layer can also Access to your own platform.

The next time you recharge your transportation card, pay the utility bill, or even book a hotel ticket, and partner merchants can all use MKC.

In other words, although you have paid for a room card, your money will eventually exist in your account in the MKC situation, and you can use MKC in your account to make purchases and order. Tickets and other activities, then you can spend a lot of money, do a lot of entertainment, is not happy to think about it.

Sister has always been committed to creating a social, fun and interactive eco-entertainment platform for users, and is also trying to explore innovative business models, hoping that sister entertainment can bring better to users. Experience.