Six Fantasy Packs to transfer your awesome phones

The phones do not seem to be getting smaller, so it looks like we have a future of either deeper pocket – no thanks – nor fanny packages to look forward to. When looking for a package, you should consider how much it can be stored, the weight of the bag, the number of pockets, if there are unique security features and, finally, the quality of the materials. Oh, and it does not hurt that they look cool.

The strap can be adjusted from 20 to 50 inches.

The strap can be adjusted from 20 to 50 inches. (BABOON/)

The 3-liter BABOON package is the most elegant from the list. The external nylon bears a water repellent coating to keep its contents dry. If you have a musical festival or a night out in the city where you do not want to look like a full square, that would be the waist selection package. The 6.8 oz bag has a side loop for easy access and two zipped pockets. There is an outer pocket with a quick zipped pocket, inside pockets with grid case and convenient loop. The zippers carry BABOON's signature close to add some design. The strap is attached to the bag with a small corner so you can wear it with crossbody instead of your waist. It comes in four colors: Red with Sky Blue, Blue with Orange, Black with Silver Gray, Yellow with Blue.

For small day trips.

For small day trips. (Amazon/)

The Everest Lumbar Waist Pack is a useful hiking packet featuring three pockets and is made of durable, waterproof polyester. The main pocket is 3 x 7 x 8-inches, which is ample space for the huge smartphone and more. There are two bottles of bottle bottles that can be placed in bottles of 32 ounces. The strap can hold to a waist of 48 inches.

Simple storage with a ton of color options.

Simple storage with a ton of color options. (Amazon/)

The Herschel Supply Co.'s fifteen-pound hip package can hold up to 55 inches in diameter and has a single 6.5 x 7.5 x 2 inch pocket. The bag has a zipper zipper with a leather label that is beautiful and durable. It can fit on your shoulder or be worn around your waist.

Fanny package that has a place to store water.

Fanny package that has a place to store water. (Amazon/)

The MYCARBON waist pack can hold an XS XS Max, is waterproof and has a pocket on the back for smaller items such as keys or credit cards. The front of the fanny pack has a bottle case and a hole on the side allows you to easily connect wired headphones. Reflective material across the main zippered case makes it ideal for night-time operation. The belt is adjustable between 27.5-49 inches.

The biggest package you'll ever need.

The biggest package you'll ever need. (Amazon/)

The Bv Vision Outdoor Fanny Pack includes plenty of room to hold a cell phone, sunscreen, headphones, and possibly another fantasy package. You have three options to wear – around your waist with the attached neck strap or using the built-in backpack straps. With all the extra room, it is ideal for longer trips, such as diving camps. It is made of wear-resistant nylon, has a diameter of 11 x 5 x 6 inches and has five cases and two water bottle holders. The main strap can be adjusted between 26-50 inches.

Many room organizing options.

Many room organizing options. (Amazon/)

The FREETOO Waist Pack is a clutch thanks to its five separate zip pockets and waterproof polyester outer fabric. The strap adjusts between 23.6-45.3 inches.

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