Skincare 3 minute mystery

Skin's 3 minute mystery

| Sisters

It’s everyone’s pursuit of beautiful skin, remember everyone, not simply limited to women Oh, men are also starting to pay attention to skin care, although there are some differences in the physical and physical aspects of the skin, but the principle of skin care is the same, so understand the principle of skin care, pay attention to every detail, is We have to stick to it all our lives.

I believe that my friends wash their faces every day, but many of the little friends may not know that many skin problems are present in the skincare steps we do every day. Everyone thinks that washing your face is not just washing your face with your product. This is awkward, mainly because the essence of the back is used. In fact, this has already buried the seeds of the problem.

Wrong cleaning methods can damage our stratum corneum, which can lead to dry skin, peeling, enlarged pores, etc., and this is because a little bit of detail every day is not Pay attention to the accumulation, and when you really find the problem, many people don’t know what the reason is and how it is caused.

Because it is being carried out every day, it seems to be simple. If this knowledge is not understood, it will always hurt itself. If you find that your skin condition or related problems have not improved, you can check it out, or the problem will appear in this step of cleaning.

Why do you say the mystery of 3 minutes? It’s because the process from cleansing to cleansing is actually about 3 minutes, but this short 3 minutes is very important. Doing this 3 minutes of skin cleansing is our daily maintenance. To a crucial role.


First, let’s talk about time. If it takes too long to clean, it will put a burden on the skin, but if time Too short, many boys are just a little bit of water, just like a little wet with a towel and then wipe the face, it is to complete this step, it is not able to clean the face full of dirt If you drop it, it will be mixed with the next water, essence, milk, and so on. Think about it!

The correct time for makeup removal and cleaning products to stay on the face is about 30 seconds, plus the entire process of rinsing is about 3 minutes.

Removal and cleansing

If you have makeup, you should use a professional makeup remover to remove makeup first. If you have occasional makeup, don’t want to buy makeup remover. The product, then the water sister teaches you a trick, evenly apply it on your face with your usual nourishing cream, massage it slightly, wipe it off with a cotton pad and then clean it with a cleansing product, the skin will be very clean. Of course, the product selection must be slightly stronger. For example, when using the cleansing powder of the muscles of the friend, use most of the first to clean some of the daily makeup, and use the remaining little to clean the face, the skin will be very comfortable. After all, the mildness of cleaning products is very important.

Water temperature

Whether it is spring, summer, autumn and winter or east, west, north and south, the water temperature for washing your face is preferably around 30-40 degrees. There is no way to clean the grease in cold water. Heat can irritate the skin. This temperature is close to the normal body temperature of our body.


Don’t laugh, many people really only wash their faces once a day, reminding that in the days of makeup, they must be put on the same night. The face is unloaded clean, otherwise, you will know if you try it. The normal cleaning is 2 times a day, and it can be done sooner or later. Unless the skin manager has special reminder requirements, it will increase once at noon. After all, I have to run outside for a day before going to bed. Every dust is cleaned up. Everyone knows, but there are many people who don’t need to clean the products in the morning. Just use the water to slap it. Just know that we still have secretions when we sleep at night. Dust, bacteria and other annoyances, so you need to use cleansing products in the morning.

The last reminder is that whether it is makeup removal or cleaning, try not to rub too hard on the face, friction will not produce sparks, and in turn will produce wrinkles!