Sorry to bother you, but I apologize very much for the email

After clearing my emails and private messages, I realized I was never sad – but every other thread or message I send starts with an apology. "Sorry for your error!" "I was just wondering …" "… OK if it is not." Why do I apologize for existing to every email I send?

I saw a tweet on the weekend, and reminded me of a college class I once took – "how to write like a man," with unquestionable confidence. As feminist advocate Lois Wyse once said: "Men are taught to apologize for their weaknesses, women for their strengths."

In addition to the word "sorry", there was a word I used equally – "just". I was always "just" wondering, "thinking" or "just" adding my opinion. I used "lady tongue" to underestimate myself and seemed to rely on emoji to "reflect" only my real views and feelings.

"I just do not apologize"

It's hard to break the habit of constantly asking for apologies – whether this happens when someone else enters you or you are trying to chase someone by e-mail.

I found a Gmail add-on that offers a solution. I just do not regret it warns when using words such as "simple", "think", "sorry", "not expert" and "really" – basically, words that serve no purpose other than undermine your power or discredit skills and knowledge your.

The addition will highlight these phrases or words in red. When you fly over the underlined phrases, the tool offers pop-up pearls of wisdom as to why you need to strengthen and not undermine your message.