Speaking of an authentic history through interior design, with Mikel Welch of Mikel Welch

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Welcome to another episode of indoor style hunters. Our participation today in the podcast is Mikel Welch. Mikel is a self-taught designer and runs his own design, Mikel Welch Designs, in New York. He is also a television personality who presents his talent to millions of viewers, teaches them how to create places inspired by luxury with a conservative budget. Mikel has also created rich halls for First Lady Michelle Obama, First Lady Hillary Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, Joan Rivers and Halle Berry.

Mikel is definitely design, celebrity and all-in-one TV! In this episode, Mikel sinks on his journey and his life as an interior designer and into the personality of the air of television. We also discuss how Mikel has improved his skills as a designer because he believes successful designers have an innate quality and the importance of conquering any opportunity that comes to your life. Tune in all this and more in today's episode!

Key points of this episode:

  • How Mikel started in interior design and when he made the jump on TV.
  • Mikel sets the time of his life "ah-ha".
  • How Mikel developed his own skills as a designer, teaching self-taught.
  • The story of how Mikel took the long break from Craigslist.
  • Why Mikel believes that interior decoration is an inherent quality.
  • A chain of events that landed on Mikel on TV.
  • How Mikel connects with his audience when he makes a show.
  • The differences between design for television and real life.
  • Understanding the personal space of a person's home.
  • Mickel's ethos in building his business and driving his career.
  • Learn to constantly seek and exploit opportunities on your way.
  • How Mickel's personal values ​​are reflected in his work.
  • Where Mikel gets his best inspiration and inspiration.
  • Understanding the nature of storytelling behind the interior design.
  • The biggest challenge Mikel faced was the development of his business.
  • Why Steve Harvey says he did not want to work for him was Mikel's best decision.
  • What to expect from Mikel and his business this year.
  • A book that formed Mikel, which everyone should follow, the best gift Mikel and much more!

Contact info:

"In the interior design, whether you have it or not." – @mikelwelch [0:[0:[0:[0:04:30.1]

"I am not a player, but in terms of danger I will put all the cards on the table for my business to change my dream." – @mikelwelch [0:[0:[0:[0:16:55.1]

"So much of what we do in interior decoration is narration." – @mikelwelch [0:[0:[0:[0:18:06.1]

"Do not be afraid to have talks, so many editors and artists want to tell you the story behind their product." – @mikelwelch [0:[0:[0:[0:19:38.1]

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Mikel at Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/mikelwelch

In the meantime – https://www.amazon.co.uk/Meantime-Finding-Yourself-Love-Want/dp/0671033999

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