Sports +, add more exciting sports tourism in Xinjiang

On July 10th, the reporter learned from the Tourism Development Committee of the Autonomous Region (hereinafter referred to as the Autonomous Region Tourism Development Committee) that at present, the Tourism Commission of the Autonomous Region is increasing the promotion of “Tourism+” and accelerating the formation of industrial integration. The big tourist pattern. Actively integrate development with industries such as land, environmental protection, transportation, agriculture, forestry, culture, sports, health, water conservancy and animal husbandry, and actively explore the path of integration of agriculture and tourism, forestry and tourism, sports and tourism, and build a nation-wide joint venture. And share the development pattern.

Sports+, add Xinjiang Sports Infinitely exciting tourism

“Tourism + Aviation” “Tourism + Sports” “Tourism + Culture”… Travel plus, for the Xinjiang tourism has added unlimited wonderful, while “tourism + The multi-sectoral integration and development that has been triggered by the organic linkage to promote the development of tourism in Xinjiang is accelerating.

In the whole of Xinjiang, with the global tourism as the development goal, the pattern of promoting the integration of tourism and various industries has already appeared. Turpan City integrates development in tourism product development, tourism toilet construction management, and tourism characteristic town construction; Urumqi County uses the “tourism + ice and snow”, “tourism + countryside” and “tourism + agriculture and forestry” model to realize the integration of agriculture, animal husbandry and forestry tourism; Kashi City has created a typical “tourism + characteristic street reconstruction”; Karamay City has built a national “tourism reform and innovation pioneer zone” as a starting point, and fully promoted “tourism+” work, realized “tourism+wisdom” standardization, and promoted electronics Business and hotel sales, reservations, check-in intelligent management, and promote “tourism + low-altitude”, “tourism + self-driving (RV)”, “tourism + exhibition” and other “tourism +” development……

Sports +, add unlimited sports in Xinjiang

Today, the tourism department of Xinjiang has taken advantage of the development of tourism to promote “tourism+” and the development pattern of tourism integration is taking shape.

Tourism + Aviation, look at the view from a different perspective

“From the beginning of June, our scenic spot and the Turks County Blue Sky Aviation Sports Club Co., Ltd. The launch of the flight project, the introduction of four hot air balloons and two delta wings. This month, very popular with tourists.” On July 10, Lingmin, manager of marketing center of Xinjiang Kala Jun Investment Co., Ltd. told the phone reporter.

Sports+, add Xinjiang Sports

“From the launch of the flight project in the Karachi scenic area, it is exactly one month today. When the weather is good, more than 40 people can experience the hot air balloon every day. More than 30 people experience the delta wing. I am very optimistic about this project that combines low-altitude flight and tourism.” Ma Ling, head of Turks County Blue Sky Aviation Sports Club Co., told reporters.

Ling Min said that the terrain of the Kala Jun Scenic Area is very suitable for experiencing flight, with rich landforms, canyoning snowy mountain rivers, etc., and overlooking the beautiful scenery in high altitude. She said that the Kala Jun scenic spot has gathered various beautiful scenery in Xinjiang. In the future, the scenic spot will make full use of the concept of aviation sports + tourism and put in 100 hot air balloons on the existing basis.

Sports+, add Xinjiang Sports

“Fujian Coco Tokai Airport and Kanas Airport have been operating smoothly since the official opening of the low-altitude tourism project.” July 9, Altay Tourism Bureau Deputy Director Liu Kechuan told reporters with a smile.

Tourism + non-legacy, subtle influence culture

“There are a lot of tourists in July, there are dozens of people every day, and there are hundreds of people when there are many In our store, there are more and more tourists who make copper spoons and other things.” On July 10, Xiao Kaiti Musha, who opened a bronze shop in the old town of Kashgar, told reporters by phone.

The 36-year-old Xiao Kaiti Musha is the fourth generation of bronzesmiths and the inheritor of autonomous region-level intangible cultural heritage. I have been following my family’s deafness and making bronzes. Now I have become a famous bronze maker in the ancient city. He is now opening a shop with his cousin.

Sports+, add Xinjiang Sports Infinitely exciting tourism

“The development of tourism, the arrival of tourists, let us make this bronze pottery, or lose it. I am very happy with this traditional craft. Can be recognized by everyone.”

In the Kashgar old town scenic spot, there are many autonomous region-level intangible cultural heritage inheritors, distributed in many industries such as earthenware, flower hats, wood carvings, etc. Tourism + non-legacy promotion, earthenware production, wood production and other experiential tourism projects came into being. More and more tourists, through their own hands, through contact with these intangible cultural heritage inheritors, to understand non-legacy culture, learning non-legacy skills.

Tourism + Sports, running in the landscape

The 12th Ring Road in China, Xinjiang Lake Road Cycling Race will be held on July 12th It was held in Bortala Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture on the 17th. At that time, domestic and foreign tourists can enjoy the scenery of Bozhou Plateau, Wetland and Lake while watching the largest and longest cycling event in Xinjiang.

Sports+, add Xinjiang sports

Zhang Liping, Party Secretary of Bozhou Tourism Bureau said: “The attraction of this large-scale sports event to the scenic spot is huge. During the competition, you will come to the scenic spot to participate. Visitors to the competition will increase, and the catering, accommodation and other industries will usher in a large number of passengers.”

2018 China Yili Tianma International Tourism Festival enters the countdown, starting on the 16th, wonderful horse races, equestrian performances, 10,000 Horse galloping, a million acres of rapeseed and other activities will run through the 45-day Tianma tourism season.

The integration of sports tourism brings new developments, and many scenic spots are the beneficiaries of this integration. In terms of the annual sales of scenic spots, more and more tourists buy annual cards, go to the scenic spot for sightseeing, but come to walk and exercise, and have zero contact with nature.

Sports+, add Xinjiang Sports

The relevant person in charge of the Tourism Commission of the Autonomous Region said that at present, the integration of sports tourism in Xinjiang is developing well, and more and more domestic and international sports events are held in Xinjiang. The Ring Tower Rally and the Ring Saimu Lake Cycling Tournament not only became well-known sports events in the country, but also attracted a large number of athletes, enthusiasts and tourists to directly promote the development of the tourism industry.