Sports shaping the city spirit: sports talent training in Guang’an

Talent is the most fundamental and effective driving force for sustainable development in today’s society. The development of sports is also inseparable from talents. Training high-quality, high-level outstanding sports talents has become a sustainable development of today’s sports. The key is.

As early as the early 1930s, Yangsen’s 20th Army stationed in Guang’an, and specialized in cultivating sports talents through the establishment of military sports training classes, national art schools and sports academies, recruiting nearly 300 students. After professional training, these trainees have served as military sports instructors or primary and secondary school physical education teachers, and some complemented the 20th Army Sports Team, enriching the sports professional talent team in Guang’an.

In the Republic of China, sports are also a fashion.

Sports shape the spirit of the city: sports talent training in Guang'an

In 1929, students were trained in sports at school.

After the liberation, Guang’an Normal School set up a professional sports class, which has trained more than 300 primary and secondary school physical education teachers. In 1977, Guang’an County Culture and Education Bureau and County Sports Committee jointly established the Guang’an County Youth Amateur Sports School. The sports school has a table tennis professional class and training courses such as volleyball, basketball, track and field, shooting, etc. In addition to table tennis classes, each class is equipped with a full-time coach. In 1981, the Sichuan Amateur Sports School held the Junior Group B track and field competition. The Guang’an County Sports Committee organized a team representing the key members of the amateur sports school to represent the region. In 1982, the regional key track and field classes were set up in Guang’an, and the county sports committee organized training.

Sports shape the spirit of the city: sports talent training in Guang'an

The gymnastics classes at the early amateur sports school are in class.

In 1994, the Guangan Regional Sports Delegation, consisting of 121 young athletes, participated in the Third Sichuan Youth Games held in Leshan City after 10 months of hard training. In August 1999, Guang’an City won the first prize in the appraisal and evaluation of adolescent children’s amateur training in the province. After that, deepen the reform of sports training, gradually shift the training focus to the cultivation of traditional sports, further improve the training system of amateur sports schools and traditional sports, and become the key work of sports talent training in Guang’an.

Not only the athletes’ team has gradually expanded. As of 1985, Guang’an has a total of 77 referees, covering track and field, basketball, table tennis, volleyball, badminton, chess, martial arts and other sports. After the establishment of the Guang’an area in 1993, the regional sports department paid special attention to the training of amateur sports school coaches. From 1994 to 1999, Guang’an area held a number of coaches training courses for track and field, table tennis, basketball, martial arts, bridge, croquet, football, volleyball and other projects, and trained more than 500 coaches.

Sports shape the spirit of the city: sports talent training in Guang'an

In 1974, sports school coaches guided student training in class.

Since 2013, Guang’an City has held free summer sports training classes every year. In July this year, nearly 200 young people participated in a 20-day basketball and badminton training. More than 10 professional coaches directed them to teach and manage them. The aim was to promote sports throughout the city, enhance the physical fitness of young people, and select sports seedlings.

In the Sichuan Youth Championships held from July 5th to August 22nd, Guang’an City sent 978 athletes, 92 coaches, and 30 teams to participate in various competitions. Excellent results in gold, 25 silver and 30 copper. This is the best result of the annual championships won since the establishment of the Guang’an Construction Zone.

Sports shaping the spirit of the city: sports talent training in Guang'an

In July this year, the “You learn the ball, I pay the bill” basketball and badminton free training organized by the Youth Amateur Sports School of Guang’an City, the Municipal Basketball Association and the Municipal Badminton Association. During the activity, the participants took the training seriously under the guidance of the coach.

Since the 21st century, while playing the dominant sports such as track and field and martial arts, Guang’an City has continuously explored new training programs, using new items such as martial arts Sanda, wrestling, weightlifting and women’s hockey as a breakthrough. The advanced training methods and means of various localities have gradually formed a training model for sports professionals in both professional sports schools and social amateur training. The level of sports competition has also made a major breakthrough. (Author: Cheng Xiaoling)