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We are in very difficult times. The last two weeks have been scary and things seem to be changing by the minute. It's easy to worry and constantly worry about things you don't have much control over.

I understand it and we are all in it together.

We are told to stay home as long as possible and to socialize with Coronavirus. It is extremely easy to slip through stress during these times and it can be difficult to focus on the positive and let the stress get the wheel. While we need to be careful and take this seriously, there are ways to stay healthy and cope with stress.

We can all focus on making the most of this time of isolation and turning inward.

While it may seem impossible, there are several ways to manage stress and stay positive during the social isolation and isolation of Covid-19!

Get Moving

With more and more closing gyms, it can be easy to slip out of your daily workout routine. However, exercise is one of the best ways to boost your endorphins and make you feel better.

Many YouTube apps and channels offer free workouts so you don't have to sacrifice your sweat while you're at home.

Some of my favorite Youtube training channels include Blogilates, Tone It Up, PopSugar and Yoga with Adriene. You can also download free training apps like Nike Training, Shred and FitOn.

Check-in with your favorite studio workouts or local businesses – Highly impacted by the closure and loss of income, so many offer exercises for Instagram Live or their stories for free or donate. Keep supporting them!

Create a Schedule

With many things canceled or closed, programs can get out of the window. Especially when you isolate yourself and turn into a bit of a hermit crab, it's easy to stay up late and get to Netflix … just to sleep and do it again.

While this may sound fun in the short term, the best way to maintain a positive attitude is to create a program for yourself.

Get up at a reasonable time, dress up and work in a designated workplace, as you would if you were still in the office. Give yourself breaks – at least 2 whole days – and you know when to turn it off. Stir in a stroll or workout, and take a lunch break!

Find a new hobby + Learn something new

As humans, there are always things we say we want to try, but we insist we don't have the time. Well, now we do! Take up painting, make jewelry, learn how to shoot manually on your camera, take music lessons or start a blog! Find something you enjoy and let yourself dive into it.

At Etsy, you can find all kinds of embroidery or macrame startup kits – try your hand at some DIY projects around the house.

Now is the time for these creative juices to flow and try new things.

Take an Online Class

You can also attend courses online at sites like edX, Coursera and Skillshare (which offers two months of Premium Free).

Self-developing podcasts

Now is a great time to do some self-reflection and work on betting yourself. What better way to get inspired than to listen to some self-development podcasts?

For laughs: Conan O & # 39; Brien needs a friend, how did this (movies), Lovett or let it go (funny + political)

To detach: Armchair furniture with Dax Shepard, LadyGang, Oprah's Super Soul (inspirational celebrity interviews)

For True Crime: Dagarsland, city S

For Business Inspiration: How I built this, Podcast Digger

For the story: One way the words, the good witches Bad Bitches, Marlon and Jake read the dead people

Meditate and clear your mind

My friend, Mickey, has a great wellness application called "The Way" and it's all about meditation and ways to relax your mind.

The beginner's guide to taking photos in manual mode

Breaking it down!

Believe me, it's not as scary as it looks! You just have to take it step by step.

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vintage chelsea loren floral book

Throw in a stack of books

Libraries and stores may close, but Amazon is a great way to get a read.

Whether it's the Kindle (you can download the app without having to have the device, it works on smartphones and iPads) or in print, books are a great way to get yourself out of the world and switch to other words.

You can also find books about the Libby app or download e-books from your public library!

Facetime or call your friends

Just because you are a social detachment does not mean you have to become a complete hermit. Thanks to Facetime, Skype and Zoom, contacting your friends for a virtual cocktail is a piece of cake.

It is also a great way to start a virtual book or movie club. Anyone can read or watch the same thing and then discuss it!

Clean and reorganize

Take this time to get into home plans that you have left (such as cleaning your closet, gathering things you want to donate, organizing the closet, etc.).

Cleansing is extremely therapeutic so put on that inspirational podcast and get to it!

Get out into nature

Although we can socialize, we can still stroll, hike and enjoy fresh air. A little vitamin D is good for the soul.

This is also a great time to do your workouts in your backyard! A workout and some sun? There is nothing better than that.

Order to

If the idea of ​​going to a store really stresses you out, see if there is a local grocery delivering it. Many companies such as Doordash and Uber Eats waive their fees and offer "hands-off" delivery options.

Support local businesses and help them maintain their livelihood during these trying times.

Work for your health

Along with working out, there are many other things you can do to help your body (and eliminate stress).

Get your sleep

Make sure you get 8 hours of adequate sleep. This is the time to take advantage of being at home and letting your body relax.

Stay hydrated + eat well

Drink plenty of water and try to maintain a healthy diet as well. While it may be easy to dig your own quarantine snacks, slow down and find new recipes to enjoy cooking. This is the opportunity to avoid fast food and things that may not be the best for you.

Turn off the news

This does not mean that you are not watching the news at all – it is important to be informed. But don't let it crush you completely. The only thing people can talk about on social media is the current state of the world.

Don't let the news dominate your day.

It can be too much to swallow and can cause quite stress and panic – which, in turn, can prevent your health. Stay up to date, read updates from trusted sources, but don't play the news 24/7.