Summary of the season 1

Introduction List of Publicated Podcasts KLC School of Design, Jenny Gibbs Pink House Living, Emily Murray 2LG Studio, Jordan Cluroe and Russell Whitehead Mikel Welch Drawings, Michelle Weil Carville Creative, Michael Carville Londonton, Robert Schonging and Trilley Gondon Hines Wats, Nicolas Person Rocket Saint Jane Rockett Amara, Karen Waddilove, Taylor Hause, Karen Howe, Shirlie Kemp, David Collins Studio, Simon Rawlings, Joanna Wood International, Joanna Wood Inner style hunter, Grant Pierre Kitesgrove, Sophie Coller and Sophie Elborne Sue Bond Interiors White, Elliot March and James White Episode 1: 4 September 2018 KLC School of Design, Jenny Gibbs Building a Community with values ​​shaped by Jenny-Gibbs, founder of the design school of KLC Jenny Gibbs, founder and director of KLC School of Design. KLC was founded in 1982 and has become one of the leading design schools in the world. The school was founded on the three core values ​​of innovation, creativity and integrity. We sink the importance of learning and change with industry, what it means to train a new generation of interior designers and the huge opportunities that open up to new KLC students. Episode 2: Sept. 11, 2018 Pink Living House, Emily Murray Building One […]

The publication of the Podcast 1 background report came first in the Hunter-style interior design blog.