Sunil Chhetri on the pollution of Delhi

India actress Sunil Chhetri has expressed his thoughts on how Delhi should be the maker of football.

"It's not nice if you see a top football nation, the capital is the junction, it must be the junction, we have no interest in football in Delhi?" No, we certainly do. back, "Catherine told the journalist on Wednesday.

Delhi currently has no teams in the Indian Super League (ISL) or the I-League, which are the nation's top two football leagues.

"Whatever the reason, we have to work on them and we have to get a club, club ISL, club I-League or second-class club from Delhi," Chhetri said. The 35-year-old also claimed that there are many new young players in town, but all of them are struggling to fulfill their desires as they struggle to find suitable clubs.

"There are so many kids who want to play football professionally, if you don't have your own country, a club that will look up, it will be difficult, then you have to go to the different country to play the top part of football," he said. Chetri.

"So I think I encountered it when I was younger. In the I-League there was no club in Delhi, so I have to move out, it's not easy at all, I've faced it."

"I hope that with the next teams in the ISL and I-League the kids will not have to move out. to reach, "he added.

The Indian singer also talked about today's "very poor" level of pollution in Delhi, Chetri claimed to always feel some irritation in his eyes every time he comes to Delhi and is the main reason why many players wear masks.

"When we get to Delhi, now I come very – very rarely I am a child of Delhi, we feel irritated in our eyes. Some foreign players wear masks."

"We tend not to come to Delhi two days ago the day before so we have fewer days here. To be honest, many parents and my parent's friend do not stay here in Diwali. Think about how to fix it", said Chetri.

The national team last played Bangladesh 1-1 in the AFC Joint and FIFA World Cup Qualifiers. In this fight, Chhetri and Co. created many chances but failed to convert most of them into goals.

"We are not happy with the performance against Bangladesh, we lost a lot of chances, the team played well but the strikers are losing a lot of chances and so we lost two points that we should not miss."

"This really bothers us, especially those playing the offensive line, I'll try my best to fix it," Chhetri added.

The Blue Tigers seek to take Afghanistan to the FIFA Qatar 2022 World Cup qualifiers on November 14.