Techathlon podcast: Delivery robots, electric cars and smartphones are being revised

We have officially entered the worst part of the winter. We watched everything at Netflix, we spent a redemption king on Homogeneous tradition and the showdown swimming greatly. But, you do not have to hit the spring completely out of shape. The last episode of Techathlon is here to help sculpt the gray matter of your brain at The Mountain by Game of thrones.

Here's a quick look at what you can expect from this week's episode:

Last week at Tech

As always, we take a look back at some of the most exciting tech stories since last week. This episode will fill you out:

  • FedEx has an adorable new robot to help you deliver your irresponsible purchases to Amazon.

  • The electric vehicle Polestar 2 is a crossover SUV that will bring you to the football practice in a hurry.

  • HTC's 5G node will quickly seal wirelessly on your supernatural 4G mobile phone.

Smartphones review smartphones

A bunch of new phones debut at the Mobile World Congress last week and we want to look at them first. Unfortunately, many of them will not arrive for some time, so we're doing improvisation. Instead of writing reviews themselves, we leave the feature of automatic submission to the iMessage vessel insightful "comments" that certainly do not pass on hilarious nonsense.

Do not get me: Smart speakers

Adobe Analytics has recently released some new data on how users use voice assistants. Do you know what percentage of people is keeping a smart speaker in their bathroom? You will.

Start my art

A Kickstarter hoping to remove the cheesy rat scene from the end The departed died in the hands of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act last week, but there are still many eccentric movie kickers out there. Can you tell which of these cinematographic works funded by the crowd were really and which came from our host's mind?

As always, you can listen to the player above, sign up through iTunes, check us on Anchor, add us to Stitcher and watch the show everywhere you get your podcasts. If you have fun or learn something from the show, be sure to evaluate and review why stars and positive feedback on the internet are the only thing that validates us as human beings and we define our social value here in 2019.