Texas's first voter, 82, dies after the vote


The heart and inspired news from Texas … a 82-year-old woman died a few days after her first vote. Nick Cardona of Veuer has this story.

A 82-year-old woman from North Texas, who just cast her vote for the first time, died.

A family member led Gracie Lou Phillips and her oxygen tank to shortly elect Thursday's mid-term elections, Fort Worth / Dallas, The NBC station reports. Grandmother moved to nursing care at the time, but did not let her stop voting in Grand Prairie, Texas.

Her granddaughters say that Phillips had never voted because she did not believe her vote would be important. In addition, he led a busy life.

Phillips was a mother to seven children and worked as an aesthetic, according to The Washington Post. Her husband, Jeff Griffith, told The Post that her husband was also worried about the vote because she thought she could then be called for a jury – something that could jeopardize her income.

This changed this year as Phillips showed greater interest in politics.

"He continued to say to everyone:" I vote. I'm going to vote this year and my vote counts, "Michelle Phillips's granddaughter said on the TV station.

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The voter died for the first time on Monday, surrounded by a family, who know her vote is important.

Griffith told The Post one of the last consistent things his mother-in-law heard saying "at least I voted."

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