The Bangladeshi cricket team escapes the Christodolos mosque. An amazing experience, says Tamim Iqbal

Bangkok cricketers who were in New Zealand to play a test in Christchurch on Saturday were reported safe after shooting at a mosque in the city center.

Bangladesh's cricket team was close to shooting, but all members were safe, a media coach said.

"The whole team has been saved by active shooters! Fatigue experience and please keep us in your prayers," said Bangladesh player Tamim Iqbal.

"Alhamdulillah Allah save us today while shooting in Christchurch in the mosque," tweeted another player, Mushfiqur Rahim.

"We are extremely fortunate … we never want to see these things happen again … pray for us". Shrinivas Chandrasekaran, a high-performance analyst of the team, said: "He just escaped from the Heartbreakers who are badly pumped and panicked everywhere!"

Mario Villavarayen, coach and air conditioning coach of Bangkok's cricket team, said the team was close to shooting, but it was safe.

He said the players were shaky but nice.

The spokesman for the Bangladesh Club Council, Jalal Junous, said that most of the team was transferred to Christchurch Mosque and was due to go in when the incident occurred.

New Zealand police suspended armed officers in central Christchurch on Friday after reports that they had fired several shots.

Witnesses at the mosque reported there were many victims in the shooting. The local media reported that a fighter opened fire in a mosque in Christchurch's Hagley Park. There were reports of armed police at a second mosque in the Linwood suburb.

The police did not comment immediately if the incident took place in the mosque or near. There is no formal confirmation of accidents.

The police informed people in the city center to stay inside.

"The police are currently responding to reports of shootings shot in central Christchurch," police said in a statement.

(With Reuters inputs)