The collapse of the Boston building that houses a bar and a restaurant is injuring two

Two people were injured – a critic – when part of the façade and ceiling of a Boston bar and restaurant collapsed in the afternoon of Sunday, the Boston Fire Department and local news agencies reported.

The Boston police, firefighters and other emergency officials responded to the calls for the partial collapse of a one-story building in the Allston district shortly before 3pm. EST.

The fire brigade confirmed the injuries and said that all the occupants in the commercial building of Harvard Avenue were safely removed. Estimate the damage to $ 500,000.

A fire extinguisher showed firefighters on a scene on the pavement, surrounded by the debris of buildings, including the bricks and the Common Ground Bar and Grill.

NBC 10 Boston reported that a female victim was outside the facility and suffered serious head injuries when a part of the building came crashing. According to the television station, the second victim, a male, did not need medical care but was accompanying her to the hospital. Deputy Chief Susan Schiller said they seem to know each other.

The cause of the incident is being investigated. Other stores that were sharing the building were closed pending further damage. Engineers will be asked to evaluate the structure.

"It's the wall of the wall, and when these things fall, it will usually start falling and it's like a domino effect, where everything just collapses," said Deputy Chief Stephen McNeil. "At this time, there is a significant risk of a minor collapse." & # 39;

The Common Ground website refers to this as "a key part of the neighborhood that serves a constantly evolving specialty beer selection and fresh, delicious comfort meals 7 days a week."

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