The driver was "huffing" before the crash that killed the kids

The driver of a collection was "pouring" the chemicals before knocking on a group of redhead collections collecting garbage near a rural road in Wisconsin, killing three children and an escort, the authorities said on Monday.

Coltun Treu, 21, was conducted in four categories of manslaughter with a useless motor vehicle use, five hit and run counts and four counts of homicide while in drunkenness.

California Californian Police Captain Cal Smokovic said the victims were wearing green "very visible" safety vests and were working in a ditch beyond the road and gravel on his shoulder during Saturday's crash. He said the Treu black F-150 ran from his strip, crossed the centerline and the opposite lane before climbing on the shoulder and into the ditch.

"This is a terrible reminder of our nation's self-medication abuse with substance abuse without taking account of the consequences," said Smokowicz. "The words can not describe the sadness of the Hallie Lake community for their witnesses, their victims and their families.

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He said that Treu and a passenger left the scene before the first correspondents arrived, but that the truck had leaks and was located in a direction nearly two miles away. Treu was gone, but he turned himself about three hours later, Smokowicz said.

"Both issues gave statements to the police, which included deliberately inhaling chemical vapors, which is usually called huffing, just before the accident," said Smokowicz.

They were called Jayna Kelley, 9, Autum Helgeson, 10, Haylee Hickle, 10, and Haylee's mother, 32 years old Sara Jo Schneider, said the police. Another 10-year-old girl, whose name was not released, stayed in a steady state hospital on Monday.

Two of the children who died were students in elementary Halmstad. On Sunday, hundreds of community members gathered outside school, holding candles and umbrellas and signing songs to commemorate the victims. The school district offered counseling to students and parents.

Smokovic said the search for the crash is continuing.

"This unnecessary crash was absolutely avoidable," he added.

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